How To Choose The Right Pressure Switch For The Air Compressor?

It is very difficult to choose the right pressure switch for your air compressor which is used in your home. And some people will confuse more regarding this thing to choose the better one.

So, here you can know how to choose the better one which is suitable for your air compressor. Mostly the Switzer Pressure Switches will be best to fix for your air compressor exactly.

The pressure switch one which is a regular part of the air compressor. The main function of this compressor is to tell when to begin, and it should be stopped. Choosing the best pressure switch is easy when you understand what to seem out for.

But, before purchasing the latest pressure switch, you need to notice that the pressure switches must be replaced through a qualified as well as certified electrician. 

How To Choose Better One:

Cut-in & cut-out pressure:

The pressure which comes from the pressure switch, which is opened that part is cut-out pressure and that pressure which comes from closes part called cut-in pressure.

These cut-in pressure need to be always lowest and with proper pressure in the air system. For example, the equipment needs at least 100 psi to work, and the cut-out pressure needs above 100 psi.

Well, your compressor will have pressure drop always to compress the air system, since it needs some time to a compressor for ‘kick in’, which is better to install the cut-in pressure more than ten psi higher. 

For example, if you would place this pressure switch to 110 psi that allows the pressure decrease in your system. Here the difference among the cut-in as well as the cut-out pressure will be the pressure differential. 


The pressure switches will come in different types for the air compressors that come in different forms and various shapes. Choosing the correct model will depend on your requirements.

If you want the fixed one, then it will usually be slightly cheaper, while completely flexible pressure switches provide you with extra freedom.

Well, few pressure switches will have the fixed cut-in, as well as cut-out pressure, switch set-point. Additional pressure switches produce a set pressure differential; some other produce cut-in pressure switch that will be adjusted itself. Also, some kinds of pressure switches that you need to adjust for both the pressures cut-in as well as cut-out pressure. 

Need to have good replacement pressure switch:

An accurate replacement of the original producer is usually very expensive. Mostly, it is much lower to find the individual replacement switch. The different new pressure switch that you need to buy a new one no need to have exactly the same as before you have.

 But, you require to purchase the pressure switch, which has the specific maximum pressure as well as an electrical rating.

The Switzer products will be good to choose. If you are willing to buy these you can buy from pneumatics website as soon as possible.

Few things to check before you buy:

Maximum Compressor:

  • Check that the maximum pressure switch rating should be equal or greater than the present one?

Your compressor will be rated for a specified maximum pressure. The new pressure of yours should have either the equivalent pressure grade or higher.

Additionally, make sure the settings in the pressure switch need to set higher than that maximum graded pressure of the compressor!

Electrical load:

  • Check that it can handle some electrical load?
  • If it is smaller compressors nearly 0 – 3 hp pressure will be handled by the switch of the compressor device directly.

The new pressure requires to be capable to handle the motor currents of your compressor.


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