Overwatch Is Now Banning Some Heroes In Competitive Play

We love the initiative paragraph with opening line “as old as time” but unfortunately the topic is related to video games and they are not as long as time. The video game history is not as old as time but they goe back to more than half of the century.

Video games were not solely created to pass time, this was also the reason but not the main one. Video games were actually designed for research purposes. The common phrase we use to ask things jokingly in today’s time is Asking for a friend or this is for research purpose. But, video games were actually an experimental invention. Computer scientists worked on it for research and then boom they had created an adventure video game.

It was the years of 1950s when the first ever video game was developed, now it is said that the video was not actually a game with video, which is kind of funny. So, then more and more active work was done between the years 1950-1970.

Video games hit the local population in the late years of 1970s and early 1980s. This gained admirable population and thus began the era of video games.
Today we have all kinds of game, single player, dual player and multiplayer.we have adventure games, arcade games and mind games of WWE Shop.

There are so many games that have been launched in the past half century.

The era of adventure and multiplayer games began with counter strike. CS was the first game which was played so vividly across the world. People used to play and bet over it all the time. There were other games like GTA, which is a car track game. This game enabled users to select expensive cars and run them on different tracks give to the users. It was basically a car racing game. There was a time when Mario was also very popular game. In this game you had to collect coins.
Now we have playstation and xbox. We have them as the enablers of different video game. Each year like iPhone a new playstation is released and you can play all your favourite video games on it.

Today’s article is about an arcade game.

The arcade games are mostly 2D games which are not that complicated so even a minor can play. These include games like Mario and sonic Here we are going to discuss a game named Over watch. It was hitting the news that overwatch was banning heroes. This has outraged the players and many are upset. The game begins when there are two teams with each having six players. The players are then free to select their characters which will be then called heroes. These heroes are very popular and each one of them has a legendary back ground or you can call it origin story. The heroes have to shoot the players of other team and thus the game move up to different levels. This comes in two types legendary and ordinary. The game has a free trail, means you can play the game without interruptions till 4th of December.
It has now reached the 21st season, and it is said that the game will be new and something will be changed everytime the user logs in. You can dress your heroes in Leather Jackets or even other games jackets like Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket. Or you can shop from WWE shop to buy your character a wrestlers jacket.

The heroes Orisa, Baptiste, Hanzo and Mei are temporarily banned from the new season and the only reason that has been thrown at the video game players is that the Blizzard is trying to change the making and shaking of the game and trying to make it better.
All we can do is hope whatever the Blizzard comes up with, it is amazing. 


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