The Kind of Techniques and Projects Every Ghost Writer Must Know About

Many people today do not understand the values of being a ghostwriter. Some categorize it as the easy way out to writing just about anything anonymously. But there’s a difference. Ghostwriting is no piece of cake and it most definitely needs to be able to make the readers or audience believe that these words are from the acting author itself. There are so many techniques and writing styles that every ghostwriter needs to adhere to regardless if they fit the category or not.

To be a ghostwriter, one needs to learn to be effective and impactful in every way possible. Most of the public or even beginner ghostwriters themselves seem to think that the career choice is limited to only a certain amount of topics or sub-topics. To be a ghostwriter is a beautiful thing. It allows us, as writers to be able to cop up any kind of content in the voice of the person hiring you. You need to understand, that being a ghostwriter shouldn’t subject you to just one or two kinds of categories. You need to be able to write for almost anything and everything you’re given and keep the tone alive.

What projects every ghostwriter should tackle

When I first started my journey in ghostwriting, I was told to follow along many guidelines that I never knew existed. I did my research and came across a bunch of techniques that I will share with you today. Besides that, a ghostwriter needs to be able to match their tone according to every kind of project that is handed to them. Tackling at least half of these projects, efficiently, will deem you as a good ghostwriter. Some of these projects include;

  • Articles – articles can include almost anything from a newsletter to a blog post, a website or even a magazine. The skies the limit.
  • Blog posts – these come in numerous bulk, since there’s always such a high demand for them.
  • Bios – there are many authors, doctors, actors and much more, that often require a ghostwriter to sum up a personal history or information about themselves.
  • Books – this is a sad reality but a true one. Most authors of award-winning books claim to write them but are done by ghostwriters for hire.
  • Newsletters – many organizations or businesses that run web-pages have answered numerous amount of fan or subscriber mail; written by ghostwriters.
  • Case studies – one of the biggest ways for any ghostwriter to take an active part in. they add in the sales category of selling a company’s products.
  • Musical lyrics – all the biggest pop stars we know today, almost 70% of them don’t write their own songs.
  • Manuals – all that rules and guidance sheets every company uses to package with their products.
  • Scripts – a producer very rarely writes his own scripts. They hire a ghostwriter for that, never revealing their identities.
  • Press release – all those inspirational speeches you see on TV, there’s always a screen in front of them with words carefully put together by a ghostwriter.
  • Social media – a certain specialized ghostwriter is needed to come up with all the updates and announcements every page has or needs.

Techniques every ghostwriter must understand

Besides having a lot of ghostwriters hired for carrying out the heavier task of having someone else take credit for all your work, we as ghostwriters need to follow a set of techniques and not just breeze through each project. Before being assigned to a project, you have to go through the guidelines and understand exactly what it is the person hiring you needs and wants. There is always a way to go about writing for particular projects, all while mainly maintaining the voice of each person hiring you. You need to:

  1. Be careful of how you write for someone else. You have to be very active that the kind of material you out down, matches exactly what the thoughts and expressions of each client is. Just winging it won’t cut it. Also, there’s a huge difference in the way the person hiring you speaks and a big difference in the kind of material they put down. Let’s take a horror story novelist. Do you think the metaphorical author speaks the way he/she writes? I doubt it.
  • Speaking of taking into consideration of how the person hiring you acts, speaks and basically breathes, it’s best that we as ghostwriters shadow them. This keeps the flow of your work more flowing and less uptight.
  • If someone hires you and gives you an amount in words, don’t panic and start fumbling about. Just do your research and check out a few sample books on how to write a book in terms of the number of word count. There’ll always be a guide that states how many words fit on as one page.
  • When being hired to write about memoirs, this can be a tricky one. Always remember that memoirs aren’t always about keeping it grim or about straight forward facts about one’s life and educational background. Every ghostwriter needs to be able to keep things exciting and write about what a person has done in his/her life that made it a good one.

To wrap things up

I believe that a ghostwriter should take his/her work seriously. Besides being thrown down with the fact of not having recognition, you need to be well-adjusted to the fact that being a ghostwriter to some clients mean bestowing 100% faith in your work and the quality it brings. That in itself is a huge deal.


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