10 ways to create a really cool Wix website

The launch of a beautiful website gives developers a feeling of a bird being able to fly. One of the best things Wix offers to people around the globe is to build their own website and fill it with as much greatness as they can. 

The Wix editor has loads of brilliant features and functions helping users create sleek & professional looking sites. Its all about click, drag and drop.

These web design hacks from Wix will introduce you to some of the most exciting capabilities Wix has to offer:

  • Understand your site’s layout

When making a site, make sure you understand its layout as it’s the foundation for its whole design scheme. The strips option helps split the site into complete width horizontal rectangular blocks. The columns option divides the site into vertical sections. Each of these two options give users a slightly difference browsing experience. The strips and columns can be integrated on one page too.

  • Customize website colors to match your vibe (or the brand’s)

There are more colors than black, white, blue, green or pink. Colors generate the whole atmosphere and help convey an even greater message. Colors help determine the appearance of your site and that is how you should approach your site design. No need to be minimalist.

  • Make your age beautiful with scrolling effects

Time to stop thinking about site backgrounds being static. Let them be as vibrant & exciting as they can be. A vibrant background makes your site stand out and positively impacts its design to a large extent. Using parallax scrolling effects help add an active layer to the site’s background. 

  • Do not forget to upload your own fonts 

If its your website then let it be your way, and that is what Wix’s motto stands for. You should apply it to every element of web design – whether its colors, images and fonts. Wix’s editor offers a large array of fonts to choose from. If you can’t find your desired font that suits your strategy and vision, then do not hesitate to upload your own fonts and use them easily.

  • Do not hesitate in adding professional photos

There are no limits to the usage of high-quality visuals in professional web design. However, hiring a professional photographer can possibly blow your budget out of proportion. 

It surely does not mean you must compromise. The Wix editor gives you access to a gigantic selection of professionally taken images from Bigstock. The best part, you can get those images and use them on your site, just for a fair fee to give your site the dignified look it deserves.

  • Do not forget to resize multiple elements

There are numerous minor details involved in the website creation process. The developer’s job is to make these small tasks as simple as possible and let users focus on the big picture. Wix has created a feature of controlling the size of numerous website elements and allowing users to resize them so they can match with each other.

This feature helps user save time on elements such as thumbnails, icons, buttons etc. as they need uniformity.

  • Make galleries look active with hover effects

Visitors to a website love it when that site reacts to their action. Hover effects respond well to cursor movements. Applying hover effects to image galleries helps create a conversation type of user experience. Its like when the visitor move around, the site acknowledges that motion. 

  • Make your site lively with video backgrounds

Video backgrounds makes sites look and feel impressive. Though they do not work for every website topic or target audience, but they should be given a shot as they are visually striking.

  • Highlight all works with slideshows

The slideshow feature allows users to put a visual prominence on some aspects of their site they would like to promote. They could be upcoming events, products, services, new posts and the like. Wix designed it like a stage where each can be highlighted. Slideshows are influential when it comes to catching site visitors’ attention.

  •  Keep it straight with the alignment tool

Don’t forget to use the alignment tool to keep things straight so the site can look professional. Wix has its own alignment tool that helps position things with relative ease.


There you have it – the amazing features of Wix that will help you create the best site ever. If you ever want help in creating your Wix website from a top-notch Web Design Company in Toronto, then contact Branex right away.


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