2018 Best Hairstyles: Male and Female

2018 Best Hairstyles
2018 Best Hairstyles: Male and Female

2018 has been a year of trends. If you are looking for inspiration to get your hair done this season, you should try out a few of this. One of the best ways to experiment with your looks is to style your hair in different kinds. And for inspirational ideas, you can always look up on the internet. If you’ve had the same hairstyle over the years, it is time to change, and you need to experiment with it. Your different haircut will be beneficial if you want to stand out from the crowd. It is time you go on experimenting with your look with the 2018 trendy haircuts.

Hairstyles for girls

  1. Strong Bob

 Strong Bob

Strong Bob is also referred to as Blunt Bob. This kind of hairstyle is pretty famous among the girls. Experts have said that some girls prefer the strong bob look over the other looks. They are considering the cool look over the sexy look. Thus, it can be clearly said that “cool is the new sexy.” Blunt bob suits any kind of hair texture. Nevertheless, make sure to thin your hair a little if you have a dense hair. The Blunt Bob goes with your look.

  1. Chandelier Layers

Chandelier Layers h

Layers had been on the rise for many years. However, gradually over the year, chandelier layers are coming on the rise. Chandelier layers are the most suitable kind of hair of medium length. Chandelier layers are easily manageable and can suit any kind of face shape. These layers can match any air kind. The falling layers help to add volume to the hair. The falling layers of hair are very precise thereby adding more to the looks. With the help of the layers, your hairs won’t look flat, which is a good thing. If you want to style up the look, you can ask your stylist to keep long layers in the back while the ones in the front are framed to suit your face type. You can even choose to keep long bangs on either side to have a more stylish effect.

  1. Curtain Bangs

curtain-bangs hairstyle

Bangs are easily manageable and everybody’s favorite. Curtain bangs are very versatile and can don’t require much maintenance. Experts have suggested that this is one of the trendiest hairdos of 2018. You can keep your curtain bangs long and pin them, or you can choose to keep shorter bangs. However, always choose to have the bangs that compliment your overall look.

Hairstyles for Boys

  1. Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour is the cleaner and sleeker complementary of the quaff hairstyle. It has been one of the most preferred hairstyle options for men. It is quite similar to quaff but has shorter sides and long hair in the middle. The undercut combined with pompadour adds to the more enhanced look and helps to retain the vintage style of the look. However, to achieve the pompadour look, you will need a blow dryer along with a comb and a very strong hair product.

  1. Ivy League


Ivy League has been famous since ages for its combined traditional and vintage look. It offers for the look like an army, and any guy can pull off this look efficiently. This kind of hairstyle usually has side-parted hair while the sides are small gradually fading. To get the more traditional look, you can choose to have the low taper side. The high skin fading can also help to achieve the desired look by adding the contrast. Ivy League is the perfect hairstyle to match any social or professional event.

  1. Angular Fringe

 Angular Fringe

Angular fringe is the perfect hairstyle for summers. It has gained the momentum since the summers and is continuing to grow. You can choose to have a messy or straight fringe; it offers for a long hair look which is usually styled at a particular angle. Faded, undercut or line-up can efficiently prove to be beneficial for such a hairstyle. With this, you can even flaunt your highlights.

If you want to bring about a change in your look, you can choose to have these 2018 trendy haircuts and go on flaunting yourself. However, make sure to get a haircut that complements your look.

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