2020’s Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch

Mobile App Development

With the rapid growth of technology, everything turned simpler. Now with the availability of smartphones, our whole world comes down on our fingertips. And with this rapid growth in the mobile sector, the mobile app development sector has witnessed a complete revamp that has changed the ways of getting the work done.

With such improvement in Mobile application development, we have witnessed a lot of trends. Some of them did not stay longer where some of them changed the way it worked earlier. With the help of robust programming languages, the apps have become more powerful and efficient than they ever were. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the whole Mobile App development industry is going to renovate the whole user experience and not to mention for the best.

In this article, we will look into a few trends that might witness in themobile app development sector in the year 2020.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

Artificial Intelligence

We have left the time behind when Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was just another interesting plot of Sci-fi series. In the last decade, application and software development has evolved to the extent that AI and ML have turned into a reality. Similarly, AI is integrated with Android and iPhone app development services have turned the app user experience merrier for the consumers.

 AI being used in eCommerce sites has been extremely helpful for the customers. At the same time, with the help of AI features, virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple Siri have been introduced in the market. These AI-equipped applications have made it easier to make a call, find the direction, open other apps, to search for information or even play music. To say the least, with AI being integrated with applications has made the whole mobile using experience even more convenient for the users.



When it comes to running a business, customer service is a vital part of the whole process. When it comes to online business, the customer service part gets a little complicated. Though customer service is possible through emails, calls, and employee-based chat processes, these processes have their own disadvantages. But with the AI powered chatbots, this problem can be solved easily and efficiently. As these chatbots are can run on their own, the customers can avail of a 24×7 service through them.

At the same time messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp also use these chatbots to record and send voice messages.

Personalized Experience

With the latest advancement of mobile app development services, websites and search engines can provide personalized services to the customers. Registering with a particular website enables the website to let the customers know about their latest works through mail or messages. Similarly, search engines such as Google now shows you the topics of user’s interest on their homepage based on their search history. Also, the websites have also enabled the location-based features, where the customer will get the result that will be relevant to them.

Prioritizing Mobile Users

As mentioned earlier, the ratio of mobile users is rising every day. In recent times, among the total web traffic, 51% is generated by the mobile users. Hence, all the prior websites and even Google are prioritizing mobile users now. Nowadays, mobile-friendliness has turned one of the key factors for Google ranking. So, while developing a site, developers have to make sure that the site can be operated with mobile devices easily and conveniently. So, to boost your Google ranking you need to come up with a site that works on mobile as fine as it will do on desktops.

Internet of Things or IoT

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things is not a very new addition in the mobile app development company. And with the convenience and benefits offered by such applications, this trend is sure to stay.

With the help of this technology, consumers are now able to control their equipment, gadgets, and even the appliances as per their preferences without a direct man-to-man or man-to-machine connection. With these features, the appliances are connected with an application having their own unique IDs and perform their tasks according to the systemic instructions.


With the latest tech trends, the scientists and developers are working together to turn future visions into reality. Due to these advanced technologies, we now have mechanical chatbots to elevate our boredom, and also the smart appliances to perform their jobs on their own without you needing to operate them.

So, we can easily conclude that these tech trends are just not going to change the direction of application development but is surely going to bring some positive changes in our life as well.

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