4 Best Ways to Make Money Online.

The internet is gradually taking over the world. There are estimated to be over 4.3billion people who have access to the internet today. It predicts this volume to grow to 7.5 billion by the end of the decade.

What makes it so attractive is how simple it is to gain access to the internet. All you require is a paid connection maintained by an internet service providers in my area .Entrepreneurs are continually searching for ways to make internet access even easier e.g. Elon Musk is planning to launch satellites into space that will aid people all around the world gain access to the internet.

The internet is like a rising tide floating all boats. As the internet’s popularity rises, so do opportunities for businesses and influencers to develop and make more money.

Anyone not using the internet today to make money is sorely missing out and if you wish to make money online but don’t know how or what to do, here are the 4 best ways you can generate money online.

E-Commerce/ Selling on Amazon :

In simple terms, you take advantage of the fact that people would willingly stay at home and purchase online rather than physically travel to the retail store. The perfect example of this is black Friday. Customers spent more than $7 billion collectively in online purchases.

Amazon is the biggest online retailer today. It is worth more than all departmental stores combined, including the likes of Walmart, and Target.It experiences a 20% increase every year. What sets them apart from their competition is that they are on the cutting edge of all technological developments, constantly investing in robotics and AI to help its customers purchase and sell anything and everything through their platform, in the US and internationally.

  • The initial step is determining your product. It is best to choose a product with high demand and high purchasing power.
  • Next, you must find a supplier manufacturing the product. It could be in the USA or China or any other country.
  • Once the product is manufactured, put your label and packaging on it. They call this private labeling.
  • Once all preceding steps are completed, have it shipped to whichever country platform you’re operating from.
  • Send it to the Amazon fulfillment centers and have it set up for amazon listing.
  • Once that is done, you will finally have your real estate on the Amazon Website. Here you can view your product, product listing, product review, etc.

Amazon does most of the heavy lifting, taking care of all the fulfillment for you and even helps you advertise your product, teaching you how to rank your product and running your product ads.

With the numbers of consumers far exceeding the competition, with a good quality product, you can enter the market almost instantaneously.

Once your business is better established, you can transition to Shopify. It allows you more creative freedom.


Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is marketing that will always have potential. It involves you promoting other people’s products.There are zero risks and zero investment involved making this the easiest way to make money online.

The biggest problem any company faces is that of selling their products, which is why practically all companies have affiliate programs and are free to join. Once you join their program, they will offer you a certain percentage from every sale you make, along with an affiliate link which you can post on your social media. All you have to do is make sure people click on this link and buy.

You can always link 1 and 2 to use your affiliate customers to expand your own business


Become a Social Media Influencer :

Becoming a social media influencer has become somewhat of a trend in recent years. Some influencers gaining a lot more popular than others.However, you don’t have to be a super popular creator to make money.

Becoming an influencer is free. Popular sites like Instagram and YouTube allow you to make accounts and post content for free.

What type of content should you produce?

Creating content is not as hard or as complicated as most people seem to think. Share your ideas with the world, share what you’re learning, express a talent or a hobby, entertain people. If your content is even fairly decent. People will find you and follow you.

The most valuable thing you can have on the internet is attention, something even large companies struggle with. The best way to get this attention is through personality. No two people are the same. You don’t have to do the same thing everyone else is doing, see where your star shines the brightest and follow it. You are not necessarily followed for your content but because of your personality.

Tips to becoming a good influencer 

  • Be relatable.To get people to connect you must offer them a part of yourself they can relate to.
  • Choose a core audience. People from all demographics will follow you, however, it is best to select a core audience your content is dedicated to. i.e. female viewers will most likely relate to female creators while Asian viewers will most likely relate to Asian creators.
  • Put in the effort. Do not get disheartened by a low following, strive to make each post better than the last. You never know when you might become viral.

The best platform for making money is YouTube. Instagram is another good option;however, it only allows surface-level content.With YouTube you can create deeper content, giving your followers the chance to connect with you and understand you better. What sets YouTube apart from its customers is video. By posting pictures, or recording podcasts you’re only capturing the target customers’ secondary attention. With YouTube videos, you capture your audiences’ full, undivided attention.

Vlogging is also a good option. Being a part of someone’s everyday life helps the consumer connect with the creator.

The attention you get as a social media influencer attracts companies, who pay you to market their products. They could sponsor your YouTube video or Instagram post making you a brand ambassador for their product.


Freelancing :

Freelancing is the most flexible option of the list. It involves you looking for temporary jobs online. As the internet grows, so does the need for hiring professionals.They need writers, digital marketers, web developers, video editors, graphic designers, copywriters, etc.freelance jobs provide you the luxury of working from home or anywhere in the world.


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