5 Best Android Games

If you need the best Android games, then you are on the correct website. You can easily download these games from the Google Play Store.

There are lots of games available in the Google play store. But it is very much challenging to find out the best android games for your smartphone.

But you don’t need to be scared about how to find out the best android games. Because we have made lots of effort for you and make a list of 5 best android games.

These games are very much improved, developed, and the latest version. Some of these games are freely available, but some are payable.

But these games will offer you an entertaining experience. There are various types of games available such as sports, platforming, puzzle, and role-playing, etc.

If any game is launching that is best for Android user, then we are adding it in a list. Hence, you will always get the notification about the latest games.

Best Android Games

1. PUBG Mobile

Best Android Games

PUBG Mobile is one of the best and most popular games all around the globe. It is a battle royale game that is playing by 100 players.

PUBG Mobile is always growing and becoming the best action shooter game for mobile. It is beautiful that PUBG Mobile is playing on the Android smartphone.

PUBG Mobile has a large map with lots of weapons, vehicles, and ammo. Its classic battle royale mode is one of the best and unavoidable mode.

In this game, you will be dropping as a solo player or as part of a team. But you have to use your best skills and take down your opponents.

The graphic of PUBG Mobile is fantastic, and it will provide you with an entertaining experience. This game is quickly available on the google play store at a free of cost.

You can quickly and freely play this game, and so many players can get access to play it. It has maxed-out graphics and also has graphical detail. Hence, you can enjoy smooth gameplay while playing in an old device.

If you buy a new smartphone and want to enjoy the best looking mobile games. Then you have to change graphics settings to maximum.

PUBG Mobile is also providing all the epic moments that you expect in the PC game. They have also successfully created a zombie mode and added to the smartphone.

2. Fortnite

Like PUBG mobile, fortnite is also a battle royale game that is popular in all around the globe. Fortnite was designed for the smartphone, and it is one of the best android games.

But you can’t get this game from Google play store because Epic gaming industries develop it. You have to download the Fortnite from the official website of Epic Games.

It is a battle royale-style game that has lots of strategy and color. The graphics of Fortnite is not more improve and fantastic than PUBG Mobile.

In the Fortnite, you will need to become a master in creating the structures to compete with your opponent. If you don’t become a master in building the structure, then also you will enjoy this game.

3. Dragon Ball Legends

The Dragon Ball Legends is very much famous in all around the globe, and mostly teenager is playing this game.

In the past few years, the reanimation of the Dragon Ball series has taken place. And the Dragon Ball Legends is capitalizing on that reanimation.

The graphic of this game is not such a fantastic, but you will enjoy it while playing. If you are a big fan of Dragon Ball, then this game is best for you.

Dragon Ball Legends will provide you with lots of fun. It is also created to play on the portrait mode that makes it easy to play on the road.

You can easily download Dragon Ball from the Google play store. In this game, you have to fight through different levels and collect the abilities and characters.

4. Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans is the best android games that are popular all around the globe. In the year 2012, it was developed by the supercell for android as well as for iOS.

But in 2014, clash of clans became very popular all around the globe. In the year 2015, it was playing by almost every teenager, adult, and men.

You can quickly get clash of clans from google play store. In this game, you have to build your territory and plan your defenses and do certain settlements.

In the clash of clans, you have to raise an army, and guide your tribe to get the victory against clan leaders. It is the best mixture of quiet planning and quick, brutal battles.

If any game is not running correctly on your smartphone or computer, then go to your browser and search can I run it? Because it will provide you with information that your computer can run this game or not.

5. Pokémon Go

In the year 2016, Pokémon Go was released, and millions of people were playing this game. But nowadays, many people are not playing it, but most of them are interested in playing this game.

Hence, Pokémon Go is also the best android games. It is a very much exciting game which is offering lots of Pokemon, training centers and battlegrounds.

Pokémon Go is also suitable for health because to play this game, we have to go outside the house and catch the Pokemon. You can easily download this game from Google play store.

The graphics of Pokémon Go is very much improved and fantastic. This game will improve your health as well as provide an entertaining experience.

Now also many of the Pokémon Go players are out and catching the Pokemons. They are also evolving their Pokémon that is remarkable.

Even, I also stopped playing the Pokémon Go but now started because lots of extra features added to it. Many of the game developers are adding new gameplay features and content that support real-life events for players.

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