5 Best WordPress Plugins you Must use

The plugin is really important to help you in functionality on your requirement in WordPress, So today I will share with you the must Use plugins that you can’t skip when starting a blog with WordPress.

But If you use too many plugins on your website it is not a good idea because it will make slow down your site, makes sure you need to use only the most important plugin only when it needed.

So, in the bellow section, I will be walking you throw to the 5 best WordPress Plugin that will help your site search engine optimization and speed up your site.

So, move into it…

  1. Rank Math

Rank math is one of the best SEO plugins that just release in the market but, you know what? This plugin is really awesome it gives you a lot of useful SEO features that most of the SEO plugin is paid.

I highly recommend you to use this SEO plugin because of it the best SEO plugin in my opinion with the SEO feature they provided.

If you are currently using another SEO plugin, It no matters with Rank Math when you switch to the plugin you will able to import all your previous SEO optimizing with just one click and you are ready and you are ready to go.

It free for everyone without cost you any money but the feature of it is all most the paid feature by other SEO plugins.

You can try it out if you are serious want to start a blog that makes money and get more traffic to your website throw organic search from a search engine click here to learn more.

  1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also the best WordPress plugin that you must use to speed up your site because this plugin will do a cache the page that uses visited and store it their database for the fast load of the next time visit.

It does not make sense?

Let me explain to you deeper to make you clearly understand what the Cache plugin work and why it really important for our website.

Let’s imagine – You go to a shopping store and you want to buy a drink then ask the seller where are coke and the seller bring it to coke place then you get it.

So next time when you go to that shopping store once again and buy the same coke again this time you know where the coke stored location so you no need to ask the seller once again right?

Then the cache plugin works similar way – when you first-time visit that page on your browser cache plugin will make a request to a database of the specific page you are looking for, and bring it to you and then they stored on their server and when you want to visit the same page again the cache plugin doesn’t have to ask the database for that web page again meaning it saves time of doing request to the database.

It is really important to use a Cache plugin because it makes your website loading faster for your users and gets higher ranking on search engines – why? because speed also the most important ranking factor of the search ranking algorithm.

  1. Short Pixel

Short Pixel is the image optimization plugin that will helps your website loading faster by optimizing your image on your web page for speed.

This plugin will automatically optimize your image without doing manually yourself.

Everything will be done by this plugin with its job of optimizing the image to make your site load fast.

What you had to do is just install and activate this plugin on your website and it will do the rest of things.

But actually, you can do it manually if you want to by go to this plugin and do the thing.

  1. Mash Share

Mash Share is the best social sharing plugin for WordPress that had tons of WordPress bloggers use this plugin to let people share their content on the social network.

Nowadays, most of the WordPress theme is not coming with the built-in social sharing plugin so we need to install the plugin manually to appear the sharing button on your website and people can share things with their social profile.

I highly recommend you to use this social sharing plugin because of it a cool plugin in my opinion because it had a share count function that lets you see how many shared it made.

Some of the other plugins also have these features but anyway I like this plugin so I had recommended you this plugin but if you don’t like this social sharing plugin there is an option you can use another plugin like Social Warfare, AddThis…

  1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is the best security plugin for WordPress it will protect your website from the bad activities on your site and back guy who want to hack yours.

It will protect your website from the hack by using their technology of Firewalls to secure your website from the bad activities.

I highly recommend you to use this plugin because it will secure your website and make your site always secure for your users.


It all about the best WordPress plugins that you can use on your website to get better SEO optimization, speed up your website loading and secures.

I hope you will like this post, if so please share this article with your friend to let them know as you did.

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