5 Latest Web Development Technologies

5 Latest Web Development Technologies

The internet is growing day by day thus the online space is gradually expanding. In order to meet the requirements of the changing time, various rich applications are being introduced in the market. Although they are being introduced, some of them are getting intriguingly complicated. One of the fundamental requirements of the people should be to satisfy their customers with their online presence. As a growing business, you should keep in mind that you need to stay updated with all the technology as per the recent times. One of the most efficient ways to solve all the confusion is to hire an experienced web developer who can help you with the complete process.

Several web development technologies are being introduced that are contributing in easing the process. However, you may get confused about which web development company to choose for your task to be done efficiently. Thus, giving the total charge to any inexperienced web developer can be a harm to your business.

Top Web Development Technologies

With the introduction of sites, some of the most prominent web development in today’s generation are the following


For someone who is updated about the changing technology, AngularJS is the familiar concept. It is a open-source technology based on JavaScript. Initially, this was developed to support the single-page web application which ran on the MVC architectural pattern. Although it does not contain all the information, the front-end framework can cope up to a lot of extent with your business.

AngularJS came into the hype with the release of Angular 2. The recent launch of AngularJS is Angular 4 which is already creating a hype around. This is one of the leading Google web development products. If you want a successful startup, you can consider this web development product.


Laravel is one of the most efficient backend web development technology in today’s world. Right from the beginning from 2011, it has only proved to be helpful to the web developers. It is free and the framework is open-source PHP. It can efficiently help to build up the state-of-the-art application that can run on the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Laravel has modular packaging feature that features the dedicated dependency manager. It helps in making full use of application deployment and maintenance. Laravel allows easy access to databases. The orientation is somewhat like syntactic sugar. These reasons have contributed to it being considered as the most efficient for web development projects.


Just like AngularJS, ReactJS too is JavaScript maintained by the developer community of Facebook. It is mostly utilised for the creation of interface of web applications. The design was made to build up large application that can upgrade over the time with data changes.

It has changed to React Fibre and it is being anticipated new things will be developed. However, the main algorithm would be maintained. The team had been working on it for the past two years.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is the most used by the web developers. It is because the coding language is pretty interesting that can ease the process for developers. Various famous websites have been using Ruby on Rails. Some most famous ones in life Airbnb, Hulu, Basecamp and more. It functions on Linux and is free to use. It is very easy to use and quite fast as compared to other technologies.


Symfony is the PHP based technology, that works basically for the large scale manufacturer or Enterprise levels that are bit complicated. It is stable and can help your work done within the specified time. The latest version of Symfony is flexible enough to allow you make any changes as per the developing requirement of the business. Symfony runs with the source platforms such as Piwik, Drupal and many more. Symfony includes the various PHP parts, Application technology and all the essentials that help to get the work done. This advanced technology can be of great help for the web developers.

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