5 Most Awesome Website Designs You Can Create in 2020

Website is one of the basic assets of any business or individual to earn potential income. With so many responsive sites on the internet, the user experience becomes the prominent element to make the most out of your site. As a beginner, adopting best website designs is crucial to increase traffic and user experience. Getting started with your website isn’t a hurdle with so many content management systems. And for making it online, you may prefer various reliable cheap hosting plans including shared web hosting packages.

However, the growth of your site is always dependent on the website designs. As the people of the modern age are quickly changing the choices, the trends are also getting changes. Now a simple website designed in the last decade holds no value as compared to the current one. This is the reason you must grasp the current website designs to enhance the user experience and get more lead generation.

For such objectives, you need to understand the current web design focus and implements the right tactics to achieve it. The best web designs you can create in 2020 are highlighted in this blog.

1- Asymmetric Layout:

Mostly, the websites are grid-based, with bland fields and not-well-arranged home page. In 2020, the asymmetric layout becomes is frequently get adopted to flourish unbalanced fun, enthusiasm, individuality, and brutalism. The asymmetric layout is one of the best website design you can create in 2020.

But one thing to be noted here is this asymmetric layout design is not suitable for brands. It may create a chaotic experience for the users and won’t give a good outcome. So it works better with an individual’s website.

2- Animation, Dynamic Illustration, & Integrated GIFs:

Motions and graphics are pretty popular amongst the reader across the board. But the biggest hurdle faced by the majority of the website is always the poor loading speed of their web page. This is due to the web designs that take more time to load.

To increase the web page speed without ever compromising on the web design, you can consider a change in animation, illustration and GIFs. With adopting mobile animations, integrated GIFs and dynamic illustration, you can create a website design that helps you to illustrate your story in a cooler, clear and confident manner.

3- Bold Colour with Simplicity:

With the sea of competitors online, the light or dim colour won’t give value to your web design. Adopting the bold colours with simplicity not only reflects the professionalism but also helps a visitor to get engage and understand the concept you are trying to give.

4- Loud & Proud Typography:

The typography isn’t a new web design trend nor it’s a new concept. The loud and proud typography is now becoming a need to make your website designs more attractive and can enhance the user experience. You can create loud and proud typography in your 2020’s web design.

In the digital world, the word speaks louder than the photo and videos. With more tools and devices, variable fonts and the use of the custom design can enhance the experience of the readers.

5- Simple & Easy Navigation:

We design is the only way to give values to your targeted audience. But if, they couldn’t get a simple way to browse your website they may leave. To provide a hurdle less way, adopting simple and easy navigation web designs is a must. Therefore, in 2020 create a web design that not only reflects bold statements but also simpler and easier for your users to navigate.

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