7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Philippines

7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Philippines

The Philippines is considered as one of the most traveled destinations across the world. Tourists in large numbers flock to explore the pristine beaches, lagoons, islands, mountains, the age-old Catholic Churches and more. If you are bored of vacations including ancient temples, caves, museums and other historical sites for sightseeing, pack your bags and fly to Philippines. To make sure you are convinced, we have brought together the most influential reasons why tourists love Philippines.

Marvelous rice terraces of Luzon

Yeah, we know what you thinking? How can an island have rice terraces? Luzon is a unique travel destination though! Like other islands, Luzon is not just about beaches and lagoons. Driving towards Northern Luzon, you will see majestic mountain regions boasting a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – The Rice Terraces of Banaue and Batad. The terraced cliffs around the small towns create a beautiful scenic view and you will find the tribesmen and tribeswomen to be friendly people. Trekking through these incredible rice fields is the best way to allure the beauty of the place.

Thrilling volcano adventures

Philippines is known across the world for the dozens of volcanoes, some of which are also active. On a day of peaceful weather, you can go on a summit to the Mount Mayon in Bicol. However, make sure you have a guide along with you and take all the safety precautions as there have been records of tourists dying on a trail to the volcano due to mini eruptions. A safer option in Philippines for adventure travelers is visiting Camiguin in Northern Mindanao. It is an island home to the most number of volcanoes each square kilometer. It takes a day to hike to the mountain.

Swimming alongside Whale Sharks

This is something every tourist loves about the Philippines, swimming with the Whale Sharks! Travel to Donsol in Southern part of Luzon Island to swim with the whale sharks. According to reports, the sighting has been quite infrequent due to climate change. To have the same feel like in Donsol, tourists travel to Oslob, on Cebu Island, that has been promoting swimming with whale sharks lately. When in Philippines, do not miss out on this beautiful experience.

Friendly and kind locals

No matter where you are in Philippines, the Filipinos across the country are warm-hearted and friendly. Respect and politeness are two main attributes rooted deep in the Filipino culture. Do not feel hesitant to being addressed as Ma’am and Sir by every next person you meet in the archipelago. Locals are ready to go the extra mile to help the tourists in the foreign land. You will get to hear so many stories about their culture and traditions, when the person is brave enough to make the move of talking to a foreigner.

Best beaches on earth

Being an archipelago, the Philippines is replete with the best beaches, lagoons and islands that is a big reason why nature lovers and travelers seeking serenity love the country. The long coast of white sand, awe-striking turquoise water, sailboats on the sea and swaying palm trees aligned by the shores makes the land look like a heavenly adobe. The country is home to over 7000 islands, from Boracay to Puerto Galera and Palawan, there are innumerable beaches for every kind of traveler.

‘Palawan’ says it all    

As we have mentioned the beaches in Philippines, we cannot miss the most amazing of all, Palawan. It has been a popular tourist destination since the last decade and continues to be an important point of attraction among tourists. Palawan has got little of everything – budget-friendly beach towns in San Vicente and Port Barton, the underwater adventures and the spectacular reefs and lagoons in Coron and El Nino. If you are an experienced diver, Palawan is no less than a paradise for you. Like many other tourists, you are also going to love this place for its Awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Pleasant and comfortable atmosphere

Last but not the least, the pleasant atmosphere of Philippines make it a loving travel destination for most travelers seeking peace in midst of natural surroundings. The air of Philippines has a unique vibe, a blend of the different cultures and lifestyle of the Filipino. If you are done with exploring temples and historic ruins, Philippines’ atmosphere will set your mood right!

We hope these facts and reasons why tourists love Philippines were convincing enough for you to book flights to Philippines. Pack your bags as it will be an experience like never before.

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