A Great Insight on Soft and Hard Coloured Contact Lenses

You must have at least one person using contact lenses in your family right now. After all, there are more than enough choices for available now for contact lens wearers. Nowadays users can wear contact lenses that they can throw away after one time use (daily disposable) or after using them for a week or two (weekly and fortnight disposable contact lenses). And then we have a certain coloured contact lenses that are not only available for cosmetic and lifestyle purposes but also people use them for vision correction.

When we talk about coloured contact lenses halloween, there are a great number of options available. One of those, or two, are soft and hard contact lenses. These are the two prominent types of coloured contact lenses that are widely used among contact lens wearers now.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of special plastic polymer called silicone hydrogel, it is made with water. Because it has water content in this this contact lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea of the eye. With this you can wear your coloured contact lenses for longer periods and with more comfort. And with advancement in technology you also have certain soft contact lenses that also provide protection from UV radiations

Soft contact lenses are usually disposable contact lenses. Specially the daily disposable contact lenses are soft contact lenses. If you are buying lenses for cosmetic purposes then soft coloured contacts that are daily disposable are the best choice. Because of these lenses being disposable you avoid the chance of your eyes getting infected. Before too much protein deposits on them you dispose them and use a fresh pair.

While these soft contact lenses are convenient for use and comfortable on the eye, they are not much durable. These lenses are made of delicate material so they need to be handled with proper care. If you are not fine with the handling these soft coloured eye contacts will tear or get damaged. Due to their soft material they can even absorb soap from your hand that causes eye irritation.

As I mentioned earlier daily disposable contact lenses are soft contacts, but you also get soft coloured contact lenses for extended use also. These can be used for 30 days straight.

If you are going to use soft contact lenses for extended use then you must take extra care. You need to handle them very delicately and with care. Also, you need to keep them clean at all times, like after and before use. Once you take them off and clean them, put them safely in the lens case.

Hard Contact Lenses

Hard contact lenses are made of much durable material and they can resist damage better than soft contact lenses.

They are some time calls as Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses and they are made from silicone polymers. Because they are gas permeable they allow more provision for oxygen and a higher comfort level.

Most people who use coloured contact lenses as vision correction use hard contact lenses as they have longer life with more durablity. Unlike soft contact lenses these contact lenses maintain their shape and they do not get blurred that easily. Being durable these contact lenses do not require extra care but they can be hard to getting used to.

Hard or rigid gas permeable coloured contact lenses are widely used for extended coloured eye contacts. This means your usual extended contacts are hard contact lenses. As they are rigid gas permeable you can wear them without taking them off for 30 days or more. You can even wear them while you are asleep.

Coloured Contact Lenses, What else?

Coloured contact lenses are extremely popular nowadays. People use in everyday life to change their appearance or enhance their eye colour. You have different colour tints like the enhancement tints that works for light coloured eye only. With these tints you can add more depth to your eye colour. Then you have the opaque tints that cover the eyes completely and change your eye colour.

Well anyways, one thing you should also know that coloured contact lenses are medical devices. It doesn’t matter if they are vision correction lenses or just cosmetic eyewear. That is why you need to be very careful when you use them.

  • Never buy from shady dealers or beauty salons. Only buy quality contact lenses from renowned brands
  • Wash your hands before using them
  • Never share you coloured eye contacts with anyone. It is dangerous for your eye health.
  • Even though they allow more oxygen to pass through compared to the lenses that were available some years ago. You still cannot wear them for too long. It will leave your eyes very dry.
  • Do not sleep while wearing you coloured contact lenses. Unless they are extended contact lenses.

Make sure you are very careful in every way when you are using coloured contact lenses.


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