All Doubts Cleared About Titanium Wedding Bands and Rings for an Assured Buying

Titanium wedding bands and rings are at the peak of popularity these days. The prime reason behind the growing interest towards titanium is due to its greater strength. Interestingly, these rings are incredibly lightweight in nature, as well. Moreover, titanium wedding bands for men can be bought at a much lesser price than other metals. All that needs to be ensured is whether the piece selected is qualitatively good or not. It has to be ensured whether it is actually titanium or not.

Scratch resistive property and strength

The first thing that needs to be checked about a titanium wedding band is whether it is scratch resistive. In general, titanium is known for its incredible ability to resist scratch. Colour is one aspect through which it can be distinguished as well. Titanium’s original color is tender white, or it can be gray. However, it is given different shades these days through different finishing methods. It means those in search of a ring for men black, without compromising the authenticity, should not go with it.

Endurance of titanium wedding band is high in comparison with the others is because of its strength. There is almost no metal that is as strong as titanium, despite being such lightweight in characteristic. This characteristic is something that makes it feel excellent in the hands of the wearer.

Different grades of titanium

Titanium rings or wedding bands can provide greater design in comparison to others for various reasons. First of all, the characteristic of titanium can be varied or can be given alloy form easily. It can be blended with any metal pretty smoothly. However, the purest form of titanium is always preferred considering the fact that it is the most enduring.

Still, those who want some design works should at least with the Grade 2 or Grade 3 type titanium. Titanium products are categorized in terms of grades from 1 to 4 in accordance with the metal blend. Grade 1 is the softest level of titanium, the quotient increasing onwards through 2, 3, and 4.

To make things simpler for a general buyer, they should ask for CP grade titanium. Here CP refers to the Commercially Pure grade. CP Grade 2 is the best for wedding bands or rings with design, as explained above. It’s not just design; the ring can be resized and modified as well at this grade. In short, these rings can be convenient in all aspects.

Why is aircraft-grade not recommended? 

Most people talk about aircraft grade titanium rings without knowing a thing about it. These titanium products contain only 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium; rest, it is absolutely pure titanium. This doesn’t make it suitable for designing purposes or to be worn. The reason is apparent; it is too strong to carry design.

Moreover, it is not convenient to wear it or put it off smoothly. Things can be absolutely hectic when it has to be worn or taken out in urgency. Above all, The World Titanium Council never recommends these products. In fact, one may need specific cutting tools to remove it from the hand. Being such sturdy in nature, it is almost impossible for these rings to resize or modify in terms of design.

What about black titanium?

Those who prefer a ring for men black should know about black titanium rings. In the case of black titanium rings, the black plates are applied. It can be applied in many ways, be it about ion application or through proper temperature treatment. There are also methods where glue treatment is applied. However, as explained above, this is not the true color of the titanium. It means the color can fade away.


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