Are you Every Used this Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion?

Having one I’d be offering a new art to beyond grenade today. And today I have a new Shea Moisture JBCO Styling Lotion. For you guys to try out and this is actually what I use now as my new curly hair routine and it only involves this one product.

And you know I like that. So, this one is called the Jamaican black castor oil thing grow and restore styling lotion with shea butter peppermint and carotene. It’s a long title but if it works, they can call it whatever they want. Now this one is in particular really good for growth that has chemically processed color treated or heat styled hair really really worked on my hair it makes it really shiny and it said they’re supposed to make it shiny and lustrous shine not they are regular shiny lustrous shiny.

Right here. All I have in my hair right now to make it look the way it is. Just this one product. So first let me show you guys exactly how I applied it to my hair. So right now, my hair is freshly washed out the shower and it’s still a little damp and not too wet.

You supply a small amount in your hand rub it together and apply it like soap. Now to complete this specific Look I got to grab the volume miser and get my pick.

Much better. Do you want to get down to the logistics of this? You can get it at Walgreens for ten ninety-nine. I personally have never seen it in stores because my Walgreens suck and I have to fight for the last Shea Moisture. Anything in my neighborhood. But you can’t buy this online if you don’t feel like fighting anyone for the last bottle buy to compare this to something, I’d probably compare it to the Shea Moisture krill enhancing smoothie because that’s also what I use. Just by itself without having to mix it with anything else.

Smell wise I’d probably say the smoothie smells better to come more of a tropical smell. That’s just what I personally like this one smells. Like. Vanilla. I don’t know. Does it smell bad? Some girls say it smells like Plato. Hint. A slight hint of Plato. But I like Plato. Takes me back to my childhood days.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. This is how it made my hair look by itself. If you want to try it or if you do, try it with me. Come on let me know what you think. And please remember to like and subscribe for more curly hair articles. Thank you for watching your grenade today. And I’ll see you guys next time. If you interest to know more about my other favorite Shea Moisture products like the curly hand thing smoothie or the milk or the souffle. Make sure you check out these two articles as well.


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