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Best Indian wedding photography London:

Indian wedding is the most ritual ceremonies. The events are carry on for five to six days. And in some families, if the time after the engagement is only one month at the wedding then this month will be a historically celebrated month. All these celebrations will be gone after enjoying but only the pictures and videos left behind to recall the day of the wedding. Therefore, Indian wedding photography London is essential to record the memories.

Indian weddings are so lengthy. All the functions have their importance and need to be captured. All the moments are special for the bride and groom and the other people as well. The event details by which the requirement of Indian wedding photography Birmingham can be more highlighted. The events of an Indian wedding are as follows:

  • Engagement
  • Date fixing
  • Dholki
  • Sangeet
  • Haldi
  • Mehendi
  • Baraat
  • Welcome
  • Reception
  • Pag Phera


It is the first event when the wedding decide. In this event, the exchange of the rings between the bride and groom. And the starting of relation starts between two families. Because the wedding occurs between two families.

Date fixing:

The date fixing is the day on which the date of the wedding finally decided. And the happiness days start. The venue is selected. And you are ready for the celebrations.


The Dholki is the celebrating drum beating function of starting the wedding. It mostly occurs between families. The outsiders are not involved. The family wear beautiful dresses and start beating a small drum along with the singing songs to express happiness.


It is also included in the pre-celebrating events. In that function, all the couples and family members prepare the dancing which is mostly based on the life and habits of the bride and groom. This is also the proper event and the full-on entertainment for the guests.


This is the function in which all the people wear pale color dresses and the turmeric paste along with the other few ingredients rub on the hands, face, and feet of groom and bride to make them glow and more beautiful on the day of the wedding. 


It is the first official function. In this event, the Mehendi is applied on the hands and feet of the bride. You can say it’s the preparation for the bride for the wedding day.


The wedding ceremony finally arrived. It is a long day. The day starts with getting ready for the function. After that, the rituals start. Sehra Bandi occurs for the groom, the arrival of baraat on the venue along with the bands and drums. All the guests dancing. The groom might be at the horse along with the traditional umbrella and the sword. After the arrival, they stopped on the gate by the sister-in-law. He pays money and then the welcoming of the groom occurs.

The bride comes and the ‘var mala’ occurs. This is the exchanging of a flower made long locket between the bride and groom. After that, the circling around the fire starting and the specialized black and gold locket installs in the bride’s neck forever. And the red powder is known as ‘sindur’ filled by the groom in the center of the hairs of the bride. Now they are officially husband and wife.


After the rukhsaati of the bride by her family, now it’s time for her welcome by her new family. There are several rituals and obsequies that occur. And all are funny and happening.


It is the last function. In this event, it is the official happiness of the couple and on that day they start spending their life happily ever after. A lot of money is spent on all these events. The happiness moments deserve to be captured. Therefore, never forget to hire the best professional photographer for that purpose.


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