Best Cowhide Rugs & Advantages

Rugs give warmth to the environment and are essential items to heat the house in low-temperature seasons. Of the most different styles, they complete the decoration of rooms and bedrooms and can either make the classic and neutral line or steal attention, depending on the color chosen and the texture.

Synthetic fur rugs are the darlings of the moment! They, besides being versatile, can be used in several rooms. They are ecologically correct, since they are not extracted from the animal’s leather, but made with a synthetic skin created just to simulate this style. Also, they have an infinity of prints and varied colors, being thus easier to combine with the environments.

The most common styles of synthetic fur carpets that can be found on the market are those that simulate the leather of cattle, such as cows and oxen, in addition to zebra and rabbit. They are also available in larger sizes to be protagonists in the center of the environments or even smaller options to complement the space.

Placing a rug at home seems like a pretty simple task, but incredible as it may seem it is not.

The rug requires that the size is perfectly suited to the dimensions of the space. For it is the rug that demarcates space when it is caused strangeness in the environment.

When we have a very large room where we can see the back of the sofa the ideal is that the rugs should have a dimension that allows putting all the furniture of the environment on it: sofas, armchairs and side tables

Warmth is the primary feature of a comfortable rug. For those times when it is necessary to unwind and relax, models made from tall hairs, sheepskin, rabbit, or even synthetic ones like soft lines are ideal due to their softness.


The cowhide rugs not only seem to be one of the most potent elements, decoratively speaking, with which we can animate an environment today, but I think they are full of advantages. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, something especially valued now in winter, but they are elegant and sophisticated, capable of putting a different note in the living room.

As a starting point, I would like to say that I am against everything that causes harm to animals. However, in the case of cowhide rugs, animal skins are used that do not have to be sacrificed to obtain their skin, but the skin is used as another element of these animals that also offer other things.

There are many reasons to choose a cowhide rug for any environment because it is an element that enriches the decoration by itself. No matter where you put it, one of these rugs animates an unattractive room and transforms the space as if by magic.

Beyond these recommendations, cowhide rugs are practical and support the daily trot well, although some precautions have to be taken. For example, they are beautiful wherever you want to show them off, but do not put one of these rugs in the dining room, because you will have a high probability of ending up with a stain that is difficult to eliminate.


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