Best SEO Checklist to Get Ranked on Google in 2020

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Today, It is very toughed job to rank a website on SERP and for a long time. If you want some business from your site then you need to improve ranking as on the first page, For this, taking some action as per Best SEO Checklist to get ranked on GOOGLE in 2020, which helps to generate organic traffic toward your Site.

If you want to get ranked high on Google search engine and overcome your competition more quickly in 2020, you should apply the following techniques in your on pageoff page SEO tasks.

Let’s get into On-page and off-page SEO checklist

  1. Use Short URLs
    Short URLs stands higher on Google, Google search results analysis explains the fact.

  1. Keyword in your URL
    Your target keyword in your page URL explains Google about your page contents. It will help you get more impressions while someone makes a search for the relevant content.
  1. Keyword in your Title Tag
    it’s a secret where to insert your keyword in your content. Title tag plays a pivotal role here to make your content more stand out among other related articles on the web. You should make your most significant keywords at the starting of the Title of your content and page.
  2. Media Rich content:

As we all know, Content is the King! We can make it more easily accessible to the visitors by creating eye-catching infographics as users turned to images and videos rather than text these days.

  1. Lengthy yet Quality Content:

In-depth log posts are the place to cover the main parts of your content but to make sure its quality is well maintained. Only long blog posts cannot help you to rank higher, it’s your duty to make well-written keywords rich content so people can come and stick to your blog articles. It may result in better search rankings.

  1. The content relaunch is required:

Keep updating your old content articles to engage more visitors new and return users to make your content more relevant for search engines to follow a higher ranking on Google Search pages.

  1. Share your content:

Social Media Presence of your website is the same important as the authority of your site. Sharing your website content to Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are heavily fruitful to gain visitors attention.

We are sure if you implement these SEO checklists into your websites you will definitely get good results in less time and your website will get a boost in ranking for keywords that were first not doing well.

SEO is no magic, it takes time to show the result.

If you want to see your website on the first page of SERP, you need to do SEO checklist step by step exactly. For this job, you can hire Wise Guys Technologies, one of the best Advertising Agency  Jackson,  MS.

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