Best Website Design Tips to Secure Higher Rank on Google’s First Page

getting your website to the top of google

Who in this world does not want success?  In the world, everyone is striving for success and trying every possible way to grow. Everyone wants to generate audience towards his/her business. In online marketing, an eye-catching website becomes the primary source to engage the user. But engage user online not an easy task because of high competitions. For that, you need to improve your website rank on Google SERP on the first page even then the first rank. One is the direct way, can run paid advertising, which is too much costly and hard to afford by everyone. Otherwise, focus on the   following tips during website development, which may be helpful to secure a higher rank on Google’s first page.

Mobile-friendly design

We all know how many people are attracted to the mobiles, and when the user browses your website on mobile, he will expect it the same as on laptop or computer. It is only possible by creating your site a mobile-friendly website because this is the generation of mobiles, and you should keep this thing in mind. So if you want to attract a vast amount of people towards your website, they must ensure to develop a mobile-friendly website. and it will help to secure a higher rank on Google’s first page

Make it attractive

Human being has the natural behavior that attracted towards attractive things. The attractive website engages more user and also decide the time spend by the user on your website. Spending of a user affects your website bounce rate, which matters in your website google ranks. So try to make your website attractive, and it will help to secure a higher rank on Google’s first page.

Make quality SEO friendly content

It is true that content plays a significant role in generating traffic on the website. But the quality of content is matter, that content should be related/ define website and your business correctly. It is much better if Content is SEO friendly means easy to understand for the user. A meaningful content helps to engage more user, and improve your website rank on Google.

Simple navigation design

If the navigation menu is simple and clear, it is easy for the user to find which he wants. With complex navigation menu, it is hard to understand for every user, how to find or scroll your website. So make the simple and easy navigation menu that a user stay on your website for more time and also visit again.

Highlight the main content of your website


People are searching with different keywords according to their need.  So make sure to highlight the main and key content of your website so that people can trust on your website and visit. It will also help your website to secure a higher rank on Google’s first page. So keep this thing in mind while developing your website that you should highlight the main content of your website and focus on some relevant keyword to boost organic traffic.

Add more pictures with the relevant title

Pictures are more attractive to engage the user but should be meaningful, which gives the best result then worse. Keep in mind picture size, quality, ratio, a relevant title, when you add on your website. Nowadays, millions of users are active on many social media/apps where they share picture and video and also searching.


No doubt, All these are basic tips of web design and development which are affecting your website rank on all SERP.  But if you are going to design or developing a new website or alter exiting one, once go through with latest guidelines of Google search engine.

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