Canada which is situated in the northern part of North America consists of 10 provinces and three territories. It is the second largest country in the world on the basis of area. Canada, thus, is home to a wide number of immigrants. Canada and Australia are said to be the highest recipients of immigrants. In Canada, immigrants are of four types – family class, economic class i.e. skilled workers, refugees and the humanitarian. Canada has admitted 296,346 immigrants in 2016 among which most of them were of economic class. However many a Canadian immigrant has agreed that the Country should be giving a thought about reducing its acceptance of immigrants hereafter? And thus some changes were initiated.


Canada is all set to launch its Global Talent Stream (GTS) programme as a permanent scheme for all skilled persons of India and other like those based in the US with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This will help these class of immigrants immensely and provide them with a hustle free course for working in Canada. GTS helps in completing the application process for the applicants fast. It also indirectly helps the immigrants to appeal for a permanent residency based on the Express Entry Route.

OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme) has placed its decision of accepting immigrants with lower CRS points than 400. Previously it was seen that only immigrants with CRS point 400 or above that are accepted. But with the new rules to work, it has changed accordingly.

Abiding by the new rules and regulations an immigrant under the economic class will only be granted immigration provided that he or she has a year of work experience. Though bylaws, the requirement is only of a year it is better if a particular person can gather a work experience of three years, which gives them more assured immigration.

With the new rules exercising Canadian Government is said to have agreed to allow 310, 000 immigrants in 2018, 330, 000 in 2019 and 340, 000 in 2020. Since one of the major problems faced by a large percentage of immigrants is the way to communicate and dwell properly, having a stronghold in either of the languages between French and English is a necessity. Since French is the most important and most commonly used language in Canada, for communication English and French is a must. Not only that a language test is organised by the IRCC – designated language testing organization. All desiring for immigration to Canada has to score CLB 7 (Canadian Language benchmark).

Someone can only apply for immigration of Canada under the Canadian Experience Class if he or she has been a student in Canada for two years and along with that also have one year of work experience. The education document proof submitted has to be representing a well – known agency that tends to give assurance of the overseas diploma, certificate or degree which is said to be equal to the completed form of Canadian Credential.


We also see age criteria here. A candidate without being 18 is not eligible for immigration in Canada. He or she is to attend the said age before applying for the same. Though there is no age limit as the maximum age to be permitted it can extend up to forty – six and more. Age plays an important role in this case.

One of the most important criteria is to adapt to the environment. It is very necessary that one is capable of adapting to the surrounding in every field they are put in. Adaptability though it may seem only to be a simple thing is very serious in its true form.

Completion of the Entry Express profile is the primary and initial stage for opting for a Canadian Immigration in the economic class as a permanent skilled work. But one must not mistake the fact that only by fulfilling this basic step that he or she will be invited in Canada as a legalized immigrant. After the finishing of this, one has to acquire a said score which will mark his or her rank in the Express Entry pool with the aid of the Comprehensive Ranking System.

With the tightening of the H – 1B rules by the American Government, the Canadian as a recipient of Indian Immigrants have been increased by 50%. India is said to be the second largest country for providing Canada with immigrants, the Philippines being the first. The new has subtle changes but the major rules remain the same.


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