Cylindrical Bearings – Elegant and Multifunctional Bearing

There are various types of bearing are manufactured primarily as it supports machinery. The main purpose of design in bearing to take heavy load and reduce the friction. Many bearings make the task much smoother and accurate.

There are many bearing which has lower load and higher speed and few of them are appropriate for heavy load with anti- friction quality. It is designed in different size and keeping in mind for usage in particular application. With so much benefit, let us have a look on few of highly used bearing types.

Structure and usage:

The selection of appropriate bearing is really tough task because it defines the efficiency of the application. Cylindrical Bearing supports higher radial load and well perform in tough environment also. If provides long lasting performance and highly durable while process. There is wide range of sizes are available on online store with cost effective price. Its structure is designed with placement of inner and outer rings with rolling cage which is lockable.

It is also designed in various different series such as single, double or four rows. For the ease of classification, few of the shapes are termed as U, NJ, NF, N, NUP as single row bearing and NU, NJ and NF for double side ribs designs. The material use for making this bearing is of carbon steel, alloy steel, brass cage, polyamide cages which has long lasting life and easy to maintain. Apart from all these, the bearing is light in weight with reliable quality.

In terms of usage, this bearing is widely used in many applications such as:

  • Mining
  • Oil field
  • For power generation
  • For construction use
  • In rolling mills
  • In wind mill
  • In many industrial equipment
  • In wheel end patnetaries
  • Aggregate processing purpose
  • Trains
  • Automobiles
  • Many electronic machineries
  • Washing machine
  • Wind turbine
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • In textile printing
  • Fans and many more applications.

Spherical plain bearing and Spherical Ball Bearing – enhance the power of application

On the other hand, Spherical plain bearing is a plain bearing mostly used in many applications. It maintains the accuracy with lower friction. These bearing are designed to carry axial and radial loads both types. The surface of this bearing is made of copper and Teflon which reduces the friction while the machine is in process. It is mostly used in textile equipment, agricultural field, mining, automobile, in construction, robotics, in heavy industrial machineries also.

Moreover, Spherical ball Bearing is commonly used where longer shafts and various misalignment occurs. It has self- alignment and highly lubricant which makes it highly durable. This particular bearing is widely used in heavy vehicles, railway machinery, mining, in electronic items and so on.

As we all know that Cylindrical Bearing is a special bearing which takes specific kinds of load. It is precious machinery tool and is available in different varieties as per application requirement. Bearing ensures smooth function of machine and essential of long term efficiency.

Author Bio:

Brayden Brennan is dealer of Bearings and terms bearing as lifeline of machine industry. A right bearing like Cylindrical Bearings with excellent quality can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of machine and he highly recommends to use superior quality of bearing without any compromise.


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