An Open Guide of Digital Marketing?

open guide of digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

We Simply define Digital Marketing as, when digital channels used to advertise or promote. The word Digital Channels include all electronic media and Internet such that website, email, social media, mobile apps, ads display, etc. 

When it begins?

Some people believe that Digital Marketing began in 1896 with Radio by Guglielmo Marconi, Who invented the Radio.

Others claim Digital Marketing era begins with when the first-time email sent by Ray Tomlinson himself in 1971. Introduce of Search Engine named Archie in 1990, give more Strengths the Digital marketing. But later in 1993, First time live clickable banner on website introduce, set a new milestone in the era of digital marketing.

After Origin of Yahoo in 1994, Become the most popular Search Engine used by people for searching for information on the web. Unstoppable race of Digital marketing began with Search Engine Optimization, a process of showing the website on top of Search Engine for a particular keyword, which searches by.  

In 1998, giant Search Engine born, called GOOGLE. It became the more powerful search engine in the world. After that scenario of Digital Marketing completely changed. New Technologies, Ways, channels invention to strengths internet marketing, which is growing rapidly. 

 Types of Digital Marketing:-

Online Marketing refers to Internet Marketing. Most effective Tools of online marketing describe as following ways:-     

1. Search Engine Optimization

      2. Search Engine Marketing

      3. Content Marketing

     4. Social Media Marketing 

     5. E-Mail Marketing

     6. Paid Marketing (PPC- pay per Click)

     7. Affiliating Marketing

 Offline Marketing, when electronic media used for advertising other than the Internet. Some useful tool for Offline Marketing is following

   1. TV Marketing

       TV Ads, Tele Shopping, Show sponsor

   2. Radio Marketing

       Radio Commercial, Show Sponsors

   3. Phone Marketing

       Cold Calling, Text SMS,

Electronics Billboards, Digital Products Demos, Digital Products Samples are another example of Offline Digital Marketing

Are we need to do Digital Marketing?

As per the speed of digitalization of marketplace and survey of consumer interest indicate that we need Digital Marketing even than we have a small business or. Online shopping giant (like amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc.) successfully creates the trust to buy online among consumer. As a result, the rate of growth of online consumer increasingly high from last decade.

The Social Media platform has millions of millions of subscribing, which are more important for Digital Marketing, where you can reach and engage your type of customer.

eMarketer survey shows that, In 2019, Digital marketing account the nearly half of total ads marketing which is more than 17.6% from the previous years. It will rise to 56.6% of Total ads marketing worldwide in 2021 and 60% in 2023. 

 How we can do digital marketing?

We need a strategies plan for Digital Marketing. Like this

  1. Set your goal
  2. Set Key Channels
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Set Timeline for all activity
  5. Analyze and Execute Plan
  6. Monitor and Measure.

For all that, if you are not expert or have not an expert team for Digital Marketing. You waste your time and money. It is better to hire an SEO Company, help to achieve your target.

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