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From Harvard Business Review, List of 42 nations for “Ease of Doing Digital Business” in 2019. These nation listed because they took the essential steps in the market to make the Digital Business success. In the list, the USA gets the score 3.60 and hold the first position, followed by the UK with 3.59. This index shows the ease and the difficulties of doing Digital Business, such as Ease of Doing Business shows.

Surprisingly, India ranked on 38th position ahead of China and Russia with 2.17 score among 42 nation, which is respectively on 39th and 42nd with a score of 2.14 and 1.96.

India most active on the digital platform with online freelancers, almost 4 out of 10 online freelance workers are Indian, especially in software development and technology.

Key parameters used to scoring are:-

The rank of “Ease of Doing Business Index 2019’ by the World Bank.
Digital & analog foundations for all digital platforms, across demand, supply, institutions, and innovation.
Data accessibility define the freedom of data accessibility within or across the border.
E-commerce-online shopping like Amazon, eBay, etc.
Digital media, for example, YouTube, Netflix.
Sharing economy for example Uber, Airbnb and.
Online freelance, for example, UpWork, Toptal, etc.

Other than above, 236 variables analyzed of 60 data sources comprising public databases of 42 countries such as those from the World Bank and World Economic Forum.

Top 10 countries with their score for Ease of Doing Digital Business are:
1 USA                            3.60
2 UK                              3.59
3 Netherlands              3.41
4 Norway                      3.32
5 Japan                          3.27
6 Australia                    3.26
7 Denmark                    3.22
8 Switzerland               3.21
9 Canada                       3.21
10. Finland                    3.21
38 India                         2.17
39. China.                      2.14
42. Russia                      1.96

To see the list of 42 nation for Ease of Doing Digital Business 2019  click here

All these factor much influence those who want to business online And trying to find out the potential for digital marketing. For all Digital marketing Agency or startup business, this list makes ease in setting the target region to engage users.

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