Escape Rooms: 5 Reasons for What Reason to Play Them!

Escape Rooms: 5 Reasons for What Reason to Play Them!

#1: IT’S A DATE!

This week it’s your go-to think of a night out on the town for your life partner. They’ve set a test that your night out on the town has some good times, testing and unique. Presently you’re searching for something new and one of a kind to do that isn’t the regular old exhausting supper and a motion picture. So what to do in Victoria? What about booking an escape room to make things intriguing, and ideally assist you with scoring focuses en route!

Escape rooms are an extraordinary method to fabricate teamwork inside a relationship. Our exceptional second-age escape rooms are something other than boxes, bolts, codes, and keys. At Hungarian Games, our escape rooms will test your critical thinking capacities from numerous points of view. This incorporates your memory, forces of perception, rationale, deductive thinking, and code-breaking capacities. You and your date should cooperate to fathom the riddles and escape inside an hour. There’s no other method to chip away at your correspondence and collaboration aptitudes while having some good times!

Perhaps this is your first date, and you’re searching for an approach to ‘stunning’ your date and give them that you can think outside about the container, yet it’s too early to be bolted alone inside a room for 60 minutes. Tell your date you realize the best way to design a decent time and book one of our Cluetivity outside experience escape games. You can give them how brilliant you are while you explore the roads of downtown Victoria tackling precarious conundrums and riddles. This the while seeing the wonderful landscape—and making some incredible memories cooperating and becoming acquainted with one another while you’re grinding away! You and your date can close the Magic Portal and free the universe of fiendishness powers. Or then again become mystery operators and spare the world from the destructive personality control infection, in Operation Mindful.


It’s your birthday week, and you’re searching for something fun and one of a kind to do with your loved ones for your birthday party. In any case, all that birthday arranging is giving you a migraine. Dread not! Book an escape room at Hungarian Games and have the most epic and vital birthday party!

Please down on your birthday (or inside 3 days of your birthday), show us your ID, and we’ll make your birthday a glad one with free gameplay on us! Need to invest some energy previously or after your gameplay celebrating with your loved ones? Don’t sweat it! Book our party room and you can hang out and talk about how you figured out how to evade the malice Zibeydor and escape the Sorcerer’s Lair. Or on the other hand how you revealed the reality behind the zombie plague in the Zombie Apocalypse. Or on the other hand maybe you found what truly happened to Tommy Dawson such a large number of years prior in the Rosewood Manor. Or on the other hand spared your old companion Professor Stanley Dunford and found the Secrets of the Great Pyramid!

Spending your birthday playing an escape room not just carries you closer with your loved ones, however it gives you a lifetime of recollections that you and your companions will consistently recall!

Our rooms are energizing, epic, and are appropriate for most ages and abilities levels—even youngsters! Along these lines, in case you’re searching for no particular reason activities in Victoria for your youngster’s birthday, look no more remote than Hungarian Games for all your birthday party needs! At Hungarian Games, we will do the birthday party making arrangements for you—the nourishment, the action, and even the party treat!

Birthday Party Packages

Our birthday party bundle incorporates your decision of an indoor escape room or an outside Cluetivity escape game experience, a devoted Game Master, a table in our party room, Dominos pizza, squeeze or water, a party treat for every visitor, in addition to an extraordinary birthday message for the visitor of respect! Not just that, we give every one of the napkins, plates, and cutlery for the pizza and your cake! On the off chance that escape rooms aren’t exactly your thing—or in the event that you simply need a break—your committed Game Masters will join the party visitor while they’re in the room to guarantee they’re making some incredible memories.

Our birthday party bundles are valued dependent on the quantity of visitors and whether you wish to host an end of the week or weekday get-together. You can look at our present estimating here.


It’s where your staff have been buckling down for your organization, and you truly need to show your thankfulness and prize them! Escape games are an extraordinary team-building action. Also they allow you to get everybody out of the workplace and accomplish something fun all together while you’re busy!

While your team is one of our escape games they’ll be rehearsing their relational abilities, and creating critical thinking capacities! Escape rooms additionally help improve your time-the board abilities and get you into a teamwork-orientated outlook. Everybody will make some incredible memories while they’re cooperating to understand the riddles and conundrums to escape the room! The vivid universes in our subsequent age escape rooms will increase the desperation of your test, with the clock ticking down and everybody progressing in the direction of their last objective. Above all, nobody can succeed or flop alone in getting away as they cooperated as a team! After you’ve escaped a room with your team, you can have confidence everybody have constructed trust and teamwork that they can reclaim to the working environment. They’ll likewise have fabricated recollections and made stories that they’ll be discussing for quite a long time to come!

Spending Friendly

Our outdoor team-building activities are useful for your financial limit as well, in light of the fact that the more players you have, the less you pay! We even have unique valuing for enormous gatherings of at least 15. You can look at our present evaluating here.

On the off chance that you need to challenge another gathering, our Game Masters can encourage your test by figuring out which gathering escaped in the best time, or which gathering was nearest to getting away from their topic.

On the off chance that the coordinations of your team-building movement requires all players to finish their game inside a similar one-hour time allotment. We offer the choice of booking outside of our ordinary working hours for gatherings of at least 15, giving you complete private access to our whole office and enabling us to run numerous topics all the while!

Preparing to book your team building activities? Email us or get in touch with us for your corporate booking now!


You’re hoping to design a women’s night out for you and the young lady? Need something other than what’s expected to do in Victoria. Try not to stress, we have you secured! At Hungarian Games, the principal Thursday of consistently is Ladies’ Night! Like us on Facebook or Instagram and Share our limited time video and you’ll play for just $20!

Fellas, we have your backs also, in light of the fact that the last Thursday of consistently is Men’s Night! Get your pals together, Like us on Facebook or Instagram and Share our special video and you also will play for just $20!

Our riddles test a wide assortment of ranges of abilities and interests, and are expected for players everything being equal and capacity levels, so don’t stress over picking your sharpest companions—everybody can help!


Understudy life can be hard. You go throughout the day in addresses, and extended periods of time at night examining. Between educational cost, books, and lease, there’s not a lot of left in the spending limit but rather a couple of bucks for Ramon noodles! All things considered, everybody needs to take a break and get out for something amusing to do. At Hungarian Games, we comprehend. Truth be told, a large number of our Game Masters are understudies themselves! That is the reason we’ve thought of Student Tuesdays. The truth is out—each Tuesday is Student Tuesday! Bring your understudy ID, Like us on Facebook or Instagram, and Share our limited time video and you and your roommates will play for just $20!

Try not to stress over feeling remorseful that you’re not considering. Finishing escape rooms improves memory and focus, in this way, while you’re playing an escape game you’re really getting more intelligent! What could be superior to that?!

Also, that is the best 5 reasons why you have to play escape rooms in any event once!


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