Facebook’s New Privacy Approach from F8 Developer Conference 2019- The Future is Private

Faebook New Privacy Approach

Facebook, as we know, is the most widely used social media. Zuckerberg has been introducing new features at regular intervals which are quite intriguing, and it is too much fun to use them. However, it has been on the news that Mark has unveiled a privacy-focused future for Facebook.

It has been reported that Facebook’s annual developer has conference F8 kicked off. Facebook would now focus on new technologies which would be including machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Zuckerberg’s new privacy approach comes with a tagline The Future is Private. He has planned to drape the future with absolute privacy. In the company’s annual F8 developer conference, he said that the company is still trying to recuperate the privacy breaches that have hit the world’s largest social networking platform so far. The company now would be heading to ensure the privacy of all the people who own an account on Facebook. The six fundamentals that have been laid out by Zuckerberg include private interaction, encryption, reduced performance, safety interoperability, and secure data. Mark heads on to unveil the design changes to messenger and Facebook applications that would be focusing on personal interactions rather than businesses. Instantiating, the “Friends” section one would see the latest updates including status and photos and videos from the contacts users frequently interact with.

Zuckerberg has announced all the changes regarding privacy which would be taking place really soon. However, some find his policy questionable and it has also been mocked but Zuckerberg is firm in his decision and he shall implement it in a month or so. His aim behind doing it is to reduce the number of cyber crimes. Creation of fake profiles by someone else’s name and using it for criminal acts have increased in recent times. Mark also aims to bring people closer and bring global communities together. He said that over time, he sincerely believed that a private social platform will be even more vital for our lives compared to our digital town squares. So they are going to start the conversation about what this could look like as a product or what it means to offer your social media experience to be more intimate, and how we need to change the way we run this company in order to redesign it.”

Some of the features included in the plannings of the policy have already been included as we can see Facebook watch and Marketplace on the menu bar already. Also, the goal is to unify Instagram, messenger and Whatsapp while still shifting the main Facebook app away from the NewsFeed and toward more manageable and privacy-focused interactions. Zuckerberg said that during the olden time of Facebook, there had been four major versions of the product and this is the fifth one.

Zuckerberg said that his company is different in all its approach now and it was the same even a few years ago. Zuckerberg now pledges that safety is all on his kind now. That is the only focus now where anything personal would be encrypted and information would be leaked out. The ease with which the accounts could be hacked was one of the reasons why many people stopped using Facebook totally. This fear would be removed totally by the introduction of strong privacy which would not be violated at any cost. Zuckerberg remarks that Facebook has a clear idea of where it is heading to and the kinds of features and products it builds for its users and every other person. He believes that everyone, in the end, looks for safety and hence, introducing a privacy-focused social platform would be an important contribution to the world.

He says: This is about building the kind of future we want to live in. To build a world where we can be ourselves and live freely and know that our private moments are only going to be seen by people they want where we can come together around community and commerce, where we build in the tools that we need to keep safe from the beginning and prevent harm and then, are unable to focus on all the good people are able to do. Both in private and in public, both the living room and the town square.
It is greatly hopeful of the new privacy-focused approach to social media by Zuckerberg that it would turn out to be a success and that everyone who owns an account on Facebook and the cones considering the creation of accounts on Facebook shall be able to do it without any terror of cyber crime.


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