Fair chance for all students in Singapore Education: Developing Socially Developed Individuals

Singapore has consistently progressed in the field of education. The ministers of Singapore have requested the Ministry of Education (MOE) to make sure that every student receives a good opportunity for education irrespective of their background. Even during a parliamentary session, most of the ministers proposed to keep education as a field of an equal chance of success, especially for non-privileged students from trailing behind.

Initially, it was easy for children belonging from an affluent family to crack the examinations like Primary School Leaving Education (PSLE) with much ease due to the additional support that they received through private tuition and enhancement of knowledge. The then concern was that a group of pupils was getting all the advantages due to their social status while the rest of the mass scuffle to get under the groove even if they are hard workers.

The table has turned and with a lot of initiatives in place, the education system has only improved with each passing day. As per a report from a reputed journal, regular primary schools will have to recommend one eligible student each to enroll in a topmost secondary school. The x-factors to consider a student for the nomination category is based upon individual intellect, capability, and temperament to get admitted into a top-notch secondary school. Such students are eligible to receive a scholarship as well as guidance for a worry less education journey.

It is evident, that only through the upliftment of education system in Singapore the destiny of children can be changed. MOE must take care of the basic requirements in order to provide the best educational resources and teachers to enable Singaporeans to capitalize on their competence in following their ambitions irrespective of where they belong.

Focus on Student Values

Another continuous area of focus is on students’ ideas while they are being nurtured. Aspects of ethics and ideals have a crucial role in addition to academics being the primary measure for school admissions. Students’ performances in schools’ programs of value implementation are also considered. These programs target on providing the students with responsible, social identities.

Recognition of the students’ communal contributions assists in destressing on their socio-economic upbringings. These programs can also be utilized to bridge the gap between leading and regular schools. This could help bring the Singaporeans closer.

Education System in Singapore

  • The education system in Singapore is well-reputed.
  • Pre-school admissions require advance registration for over a year.
  • The system provides options for all curricular levels and interests from Kindergarten through Junior College.
  • Career paths are defined by the kind of secondary school attended – accomplishing A-Levels ensures attending university whereas others have options in technical institutes.

Nurturing students’ strengths and social interests are of the primary focus of Singapore’s education system. Students score excellent results and mostly achieve brilliant careers. The government has continuously been upgrading the education system with the flexibility to ensure a superior form of education.

Schooling Expenses

The cost of living can burn a hole in the pocket of expatriates in Singapore for childcare and schooling. A full-time daycare for a child may range from anywhere between 500 to 1500 SGD per month, whereas pre-school is relatively less expensive, costing between 250 and 700 SGD approximately towards monthly fees. However, the amounts may vary from one institute to another. An alternative to daycare can be domestic helpers that may cost around 500 SGD per month, who will also be helping with household chores.

The cost of International schools varies between 22,000 to 48,000 SGD per year, which includes enrolment, facility fees, and other applicable charges. Costs of Public Schools range from around 500 SGD monthly up to 1,100 SCG for pre-university. Parents can visit the Ministry of Education’s website for detailed insight and information. The upside is, the instruction language is English and offers a reputed education system. It could easily be an alternative to private education.

This is a quick guide for the expats looking forward to knowing about the nits and bits of Singapore education, the application process, age details and finding a school. Regardless of the school system, one needs to plan beforehand to secure admission, as applications start being submitted almost a year in advance.

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