Food for Swallowing Deficiency: Pureed Foods

Food for Swallowing Deficiency

Dysphagia is basically a swallowing issue that can be caused by a number of reasons. It could be happened because of Alzheimer’s disease or it could be happened because of a stroke. People dealing with multiple sclerosis or damage to the throat muscles could also find difficulty in swallowing. If you go to a speech pathologist or doctor for your dysphagia problem, he would probably tell you about 2 common techniques which are postural modification and another one is diet adjustment. By diet adjustment, the doctor may recommend to you what foods to consume and from what foods to stay away from as well as how much to eat. Food for swallowing deficiency should be paid attention to.

Food for swallowing deficiency

If you are having dysphagia, you may have to avoid a number of types of foods to make your eating experience less traumatic. You may have to avoid meat, raw vegetables, raw fruits, and many types of sticky eatables. It does not imply that you can’t have these any longer. Of course, you can have them but they need to be processed foremost.

You need to understand that you can serve food differently in order that it turns out safer to consume? Also, when you serve food, make sure you are serving food on a small plate keeping in view of the fact that serving one big plate could be pretty daunting. Avail small servings of food; hence in case you are at an eatery or at the house, you should manage your small portions over your small plate. Just take more when you want. Make certain you should eat slowly and also make certain you should have water at bay. You could also utilize thickening agents, for instance, Thick & Easy to make your liquids more manageable to consume.

Not to mention, posture is very important while eating and drinking, so do watch your posture while consuming, ensure that you are seated upright with your back straight up and your shoulder should be upright too. Make sure you smell & see the food first before you start consuming keeping in view of the fact that it stimulates your palate and you produce enough saliva to easily gulp down your food into your throat. Chewing is a good practice and tries to follow it each time you put something in your mouth. Try to finish the first bite before you take another. Once you are done with eating,  be seated upright keeping your back straight up for a minimum of 15 minutes after lunch and dinner.

Food for swallowing deficiency

Meal adjustment is a thing you should pay attention to. Adjust your meals as per your suitability. Make your morning coffee thick and add cereals or soup in your breakfast. You can have thickened liquids such as fruit purees between your meals. You can have mashed potatoes, or you can have thickened spinach. As aforementioned, make your coffee thickened whether you are taking it in the morning or in the afternoon. It is great if you can visit a dietician who can make you a chart of the daily meals. A dietician knows better than you about food for swallowing deficiency.

Pureed foods can be purchased online In case you are having dysphagia and you are a working professional, and you do not have time to prepare food for yourself. Then you can buy foods that can help you treat your dysphagia. You can buy pureed foods online such as fruit purees. The online market can offer you pineapple puree, peach puree, and more. Just a quick Google search can help you get the food you are looking for.


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