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glass mosaic tilesLovingly wrought, glazed and packaged in our Ceramic beyond Factory. Beyond Tiles, Ceramics or glass mosaic tiles is a family and business-driven company working with local people and local clay. We design and develop our products in a way that cares about the environment. We believe that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand and use clean craft processes and industrial technology to create sustainable products.

These days, when almost everything around us is built by machine; The warm and endless variety of human touch is particularly welcome. Ceramic is an old concept beyond hand-built tiles, which gives a new dimension to the tile finish. Each tile is held until it is passed on to you.

Since our ancestors lived in caves, we have used color to brighten our lives and our surroundings. This human behavior is so complex that the ideas of color that affect our mood are more universally accepted than any other human theory. Yet more and more we are seeing so-called “experts” who are telling people that the innate truth in your home does not apply. To them, they wonder why you want a colorful house that will lift your spirits and become the envy of your friends when you can have the color beige in your house… or dull gray.

How many types of Glass Mosaic Tiles in Mosaic tiles?

glass mosaic tiles There are two main types of tiles, Glass Mosaic Tiles that can be glazed or fully glazed. Ceramic tiles are made of clay which is suitable only in most walls or light traffic home areas. Mosaic tiles are made from a mixture of materials using high pressure and temperature which allows that the tiles are hard as granite. Printing machines then apply the design drawings and treat the surface to achieve a polished, laptop or honor effect. New Mosaic tile construction technology allows 2 cm thick tiles to be produced for outdoor applications, and a thin 3.5 + mm tile slab is 1.6×3.2 meters that can also be installed on a curved wall. Mosaic tiles can provide high scratch and abrasion resistance, frost-resistance, slip-resistance and a large number of designs, formats, and thicknesses.

Bathroom tiles

glass mosaic tiles Building a new house or renovating your bathroom? Visit our showroom located in North India to discover hundreds of bathroom tiles, 3D decors, and mosaic tiles. We offer the lowest prices on European and Asian bathroom tiles. Our range of bathroom tiles and glass mosaic tiles offers an unlimited number of combinations to suit any taste for shower walls or traces. We provide comprehensive advice on design, layout, and installation.

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