Health Issues related to Vaping : Health Risks


Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, also known as vapes have been in significant rise among today’s generation. These also have nicotine within them that is poured by these harmful substances into the lungs and blood streams when puffing the. These electronic veins contribute the nicotine to the body without even utilizing the tar and smoke which are the common products of a regular cigarette. Not only these, there are other harmful substances too that may affect your overall health if you are into vaping. This is mostly when you use vapes that contain flavor. These prove to be extremely harmful for your body.

Working of vape

These vapes usually function with batteries and like the normal batteries require regular charging. Since they run on batteries, it essentially heats up the flavors, nicotine and all other chemicals present within it. After heating it up, the chemicals are turned into a vapor which is usually breathed in. Many of these chemicals present in the vapes prove to be harmful for the body. Most of these can also lead to cancer. Some of the harmful chemicals that can lead to cancerous activities include formaldehyde, particles and heavy metals. All of these harmful substances get stuck deep into the liver thereby proving to be harmful for the overall health.

It is really hard to determine how much percentage of these harmful chemicals are breathed into the body when you are smoking vape. Nevertheless, in comparison to the regular cigarettes, you breathe in more harmful chemicals when you are vaping. Thus, the vapes are considered to be more harmful than that of the regular cigarettes. Several studies have recommended that high voltage vapes are more dangerous than the normal vapes. You tend to breathe in more harmful chemical in case of high voltage vapes.

Health risks

It should be noted that the regular usage of the vapes can tend to do serious harm your overall health. Some of the most common being continuous headache or breathing problems. Excessive usage of the vape can lead to respiratory problems. You may feel hard to breathe or suffer from continuous headache. It is very common to vape users that they would experience too much of headache. Nonetheless, these were a few common one. If vapes are taken on a regular basis, the chemicals may lead to cancer since they are carcinogenic in nature. It has been found that you will be more prone to cancer by the usage of vapes compared to the regular cigarettes.

The e-cigarettes or vapes contains certain chemicals that cause irritation in the lungs. This is one of the most significant problems caused by the vapes. Studies have found out that the cinnamon flavoring in the vapes can lead to lung cell inflammation. Nevertheless, further research needs to be done to determine the log-term health risk due to vaping.

A research conducted that there not any severe health risks due to vaping. As per the research report published on 7th June, a patient agreed that he was smoking from two months and kept on trying new flavors. The report stated that the teenagers in today’s generation are more attracted to the personalized vaping rather than the standard ones. These teenagers can easily customize the personalized vapes and keep on reusing them, which is one significant cheap alternative.

The respiratory risks due to vaping

On the conclusion, the report stated that though the vaping may come as marked safe, but if not stopped it can lead to some serious problems.

Thus, the doctors should be more aware about the health risks related to vaping. Nevertheless, more research should be conducted in the coming time related to pulmonary toxicity. This is because, the trend of vaping will not stop right away and keep on increasing in the coming years. As a result, more research would bring about more awareness, thereby increasing the scope of medication.

As per GRMC, the report was published by the doctor in order to create awareness regarding the risks of vaping.


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