History of Chicken Biryani Recipe!

Chicken biryani recipe is a famous dish that is made on special occasions, and no Muslim festival is complete without a traditional chicken biryani. You can cook these recipes quickly in the home in the microwave and achieve the original taste.

Biryani has been in our Indian cuisine for over a century now, but it was born much before that. Biryani is a Persian word, and it travelled from Persia to India. The name biriyani comes from two Persian words, Birian meaning fried and bring meaning rice. People believe that Mughals bought biryani with them to India, and it was further shaped in their royal kitchens and kept getting better and better as time passed.

One of the famous stories behind the evolution of the biryani is related to Mumtaz Mehal wife of Shah Jahan. It is said that once she visited army barracks and saw that many soldiers were undernourished. Therefore, to make sure that the soldiers get proper nutrition and energy, she asked the chefs to make a dish with rice and meat. The recipe that came out was flavourful nutty and meaty biryani to provide all the essential nutrients to her army.

One story suggests that it was bought in India by conqueror Taimur in the year 1398. Some also suggest that nizams of Hyderabad and nawabs of Lucknow were the one who created the chicken biryani recipe out if their love for food. There are many versions of biryani, but two classic chicken biryani recipes are what we will have a look at.

Mughlai dum chicken biryani recipe

The very first recipe is closest to the original biryani, and it is called as Mughlai dum chicken biryani recipe. As said earlier, Mughals and nawabs loved their food. They wanted to relish lavish food, and they appreciated the art of cooking. Mughlai dum chicken biryani has a great aroma that comes from ‘kewra’ and saffron, and the chicken pieces are first marinated and then cooked in tandoor. Both half-cooked rice and fully cooked chicken pieces are then mixed in one bowl in the form of layers. The final segment of rice is topped with parsley fried onion and saffron. The aroma of the dish is such that it can make anyone hungry.

Kolkata chicken biryani recipe

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah created biryani in the city of Calcutta after British banished him. Then, the meat was replaced by golden brown potatoes because he was unable to afford meat. Potatoes are now replaced with chicken and lamb. As a cook, anyone is free to make their version but to get the real taste base of biryani should come from marinated meat saffron rice that is cooked separately.

Authors bio: Author is one of the well-known chefs in one of the chain hotels in India where he loves to please his guests with innovative chicken biryani recipe.


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