How Do You Vacuum a High Pile Rug With a Vacuum Cleaner?

High pile rugs are a pleasure to own and they are visually stunning. The problem with them appears when you actually want to clean such a rug. It ends up being really hard because dust easily gets embedded into its strands and fibers. And as you can imagine, the thicker the high pile rugs are, the harder they are to clean.

Vacuuming high pile rugs with lots of fibers sound pretty hard to do. The vacuum can only do so much, and that’s why you have to assess the situation and figure out what you can do in order to solve the problem properly and without any worries.

Getting the dirt out of your high pile rug

The way you do that is by setting the cleaning head of your vacuum to high pile. If your vacuum doesn’t have that, you can find some high pile accessories that work universally, so that might be something that you need to take into consideration in a situation like this. If you plan on having a high pile rug for the long run, getting a vacuum that has such a feature is pretty much a priority. The high pile option will help you control the suction speed and that can make a huge difference most of the time.

What you want to do now is to flip over the high pile rug. This will expose the woven underside. Now you want to move the vacuum head away from you and vacuum that underside. You want to stand on the rug edge, that will keep it in place. Such an approach will help basically loosen the remaining dirt, dust, debris or any other compound still a part of this. The dust that fell off during the cleaning process can easily be vacuumed from the floor. It works great and it will help you a lot.

Now you want to roll out your high pile rug and then vacuum the floor, the dust will be there. Spread the rug side up, now you want to start suctioning out all the debris, dirt and dust. What you want to do is to complete the process row by row. It will help very much and you will find that it will deliver a great experience and amazing results if you handle correctly.

Can you use the power brush directly on the rug?

You shouldn’t do that if you have a high pile rug. The idea here is that the power brush will bring in a lot of wear and tear. It might end up damaging your rug beyond repair. Even if it sounds like a very good idea at first, this soon becomes your worst nightmare, which is why you want to tackle this type of issue accordingly and not rush into anything.

It’s a much better idea to use a wet/dry vacuum for the high pile rug. These vacuums don’t cause damage and they make the process more comprehensive. They also offer you a way to avoid damaging fibers, which will help you keep the high pile rug in the long run. Even if it might not help that much at first, the results can be great.

Will steam cleaning help?

Most of the time you will find steam cleaning to be very good for a high pile rug. The idea here is that steam will end up releasing the stains and dirt on the cloth. As a result, you will find it a lot easier to clean the rug naturally. You can do this a few times per year and it will not damage your high pile rug in any way. Granted, this is not something that you can do alone if your carpet is large, but it will still be worth the effort, so try to take that into consideration if possible.

Should your vacuum have beater bars and brushes?

These are not exactly the best option that you can focus on. If you want to clean the plush carpet properly, you want to opt for vacuums without such accessories. In case your vacuum does have this kind of feature, it helps a lot if you are able to switch these features on and off. It might not seem like a lot at first, but the results can be amazing if you do everything right, and that’s what you want to pursue the most in a situation like this.

If possible, you may want to go with a vacuum that has air filters. These will help attract dirt and bacteria from the carpet fibers and stick it to the filer itself. You just have to clean up the filter and you will be good to go. This is actually one of the best options to focus on and you will appreciate the way everything comes together and how you can adapt and adjust to the entire process every time.

When should you vacuum your high pile rug?

The problem with high pile rugs is the fact that they can dirty very quickly. So even if it doesn’t feel like a lot at first, the reality is that your rug will end up with lots of unwanted dust, dirt and grime. That’s why we recommend you to vacuum your rug at least once a few months. But this is just a guideline. Vacuuming weekly is ok if you have kids, but if you’re barely at home you can vacuum once or two times per year. This can be adapted based on your needs.

In Conclusion

Vacuuming your own high pile rug is not that complicated if you know the right approach. It’s important to use our tips and tricks and you will find that it works great for you. All you need is to make the right pick, and the results as a whole can be second to none. Just take that into consideration and remember, taking good care of your high pile rug will help in the long run. Even if it doesn’t feel like much at first, vacuuming often can keep the bacteria away and that can make a huge difference!


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