How Mobile Apps Will Dominate The Education Industry In 2020?

Seamlessly, Education is always considered a critical essence as it is vital for economic prosperity and a streamlined workforce development approach to promote your brand identity to the next level. The seasoned development tactics have stepped into the education industry. Particularly, mobile learning has massively overcome hurdles between educational problems with the help of user-engaging and personalized learning assets that students acquire with the massive use of mobile apps to boost your brand identity to the next level.

The education-based apps provide them convenience via assisting them to gain education demands in less time duration. It can be truly said that mobile learning apps will acts as the best guardian in times of need to promote your brand identity to the climax.

The recent reports have highlighted that mobile education is estimated to reach over 37.8 billion US dollars by the end of 2020 has uplifted from 3.4 billion US dollars in the year 2011 has proved mobile learning as an emerging trend across the masses with a concern of promoting your brand identity across the global market-segment. Another report has highlighted as mobile learning will be a $70 billion industry by the end of 2020, typically mobile eLearners classically study for over 40 minutes more than students using a desktop or tablet PC with seamless concern to induce brand identity in your global market segment. Hence, in this article, we have discussed the reasons behind mobile apps using the education industry in 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence has massively transformed our daily lives such as viewing TVs, shopping, fitness, and healthcare. Furthermore, AI has predominantly become a vital part of our lives, this relinquished that AI has prompted a huge impact on both education and mobile app development segments that have cultivated their brand identity to the next level.

AI is the fastest growing technology is predicted to lessen the classroom instructions but will enhance it in enormous ways. Let’s discuss the few benefits of using AI in the education industry.

  • User-Engagement & Personalized Learning for Students

AI technology provides the foremost benefits such as personalization in the education industry. The use of teachers is classified as hard to pay extra attention to every student in the classroom environment to promote your brand identity to the next level. However, Artificial Intelligence can help you to get familiarity with the individual learning approaches of the students.

  • Global Interaction

With the massive use of AI, the schools will be capable of creating a global classroom. The predominant usage of AI technology will boost the education industry to the climax position with a sole aspect to promote your brand identity to the next level. For Example, there will be no need for students to be physically present with absence due to illness or various reasons that are not classified as a problem.

This is because of the fact that AI will physically connect students to the virtualized classroom environment. This will seemingly promote your brand identity across the globe. Instead of the departed facilities such as remote classrooms, AI can also provide peer instructions for students living in distinct regions.

  1. The massive use of Chatbots

Primarily, chatbots are known as one of the top-rated mobile technology trends that will boost your online education to the next level with a sole concern to promote your brand identity. Chatbots doesn’t provide a personalized learning environment, but it has also transformed lectures into chat conversations in the marketplace. It will transit lectures into a sequence of messages and conversations across the global interaction.

The message of chatbots for making learning easy for students will be a game-changer technology that will impact the level of understanding for students with a concern to promote your brand identity. In a nutshell, chatbots seem to be a personalized learning experience for your peers, colleagues, and students.

  1. Involvement of Virtual Reality in Education

The upcoming hybrid mobile development trend is known as Virtual Reality. Seamlessly, online technology has revolutionized and boosted online presence using the aspects of Virtual Reality. It is classified as the learning process over the entire learning phase, as we’re talking about medical students that VR has already made things and easier way for them to allow the visualization of live surgery broadcasts.

Top Rated Emerging Mobile Apps

  • Remind

The recent reports have estimated that the app has crossed over 11 million installs. Remind app is known as one of the most downloaded education-based apps in the United States in 2018. It has been ranked for 7 in the education category, remind is a communication platform that assists every student to succeed and achieve their education goals, terms, and conditions.

Remind app is used by students to send real-time messages to a class, a focus group or an individual. It also enables students to translate message over 85 languages, precisely students can easily share photos, handouts, and relevant files. It also claims that the school communication app, remind has been used by more than 27 million educationists, students, and guardians in over 95% of the US public school districts across the globalization aspects.

  • Duolingo

The most popular language-learning app is known as Duolingo has been installed by over 200 million users in various industries. The app comes integrated with the dominant factors such as effective curriculum and fascinating gaming experience. With considering these factors, the duolingo app is capable to stay dominant on the market segment; this app is ranked at 3rd place in the education niche

This app allows users to learn via 30 popular languages in the best possible way. The app is completing free to download and Duolingo doesn’t consist of any hidden fees and internal app purchases are costs are optional. By downloading this language learning app, students can clearly monitor their progress and build new approaches to maintain clarity and awareness among the masses.

Powerful Educational Solutions

  1. Provides Functional and Intelligent Learning Aspects

It has been proven that education apps will produce both functional and smart learning solutions to both teachers and students. The mobile apps for education are classified in a well-organized way that it makes possible for students to go in a systematic direction.

  1. Improved Usability & Interaction Rates

The seasoned professionals claim that education apps can be used by children to make them more active and devise improved user-engagement trends between parents and children. The tendency of interaction has predominantly increased in children by machine learning apps.

  1. Relinquishes Gap between Guardian and Teachers

Seamlessly, the prospective guardian-teacher interactions can precisely happen with a wide variety of reasons including user-engaging and busy schedules with both teachers and parents. It isn’t always possible to maintain rapport through physical interactions and user-engaging prospects.

Thanks to the educational apps, predominately teachers can now attend to the queries of the parents at anytime and anywhere using an education app. Hence, the Education apps enhance transparency in the children’s growth at their schools and endeavors across the marketplace.

  1. Monitors Progress of Your Child

There isn’t anything more important than tracking your children’s progress. Furthermore, mobile learning apps clearly depict how each app helps your child to improve their learning skills including learning, reading, modern languages, linguistics, mathematics and many more.

  1. Learning Materials

Precisely, educational mobile apps draw an enormous amount of benefits for students and it saves an enormous amount of money for purchasing study material from shops and libraries.

Mobile learning apps enable students to read the study material from the education app with a few simple clicks. Likewise, students can precisely also discover miscellaneous study material by using educational apps that prompt themselves to the next level.

  1. Round-the-Clock Availability

The foremost dominance about mobile apps is prompted that they are available for students and they can understand and learn study materials at a convenient time.

  1. Enhances Motivation and Self-Learning

In the traditional aspects, self-learning is the foremost thing that never happens to boost enhancements in the industry based entitlements. Precisely, education apps consist of enormous material resources so that students can pleasantly keep interaction and learning approaches with them.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, mobile learning apps are providing cost-effective step-by-step interactions with improved learning experiences around the global marketplace. Hence, mobile app development companies are eagerly seeking to hire react native developers to maintain consistency, durability, and reliance in the education institutes. The amalgamation of education and technical advancements entitles a positive influence towards better learning experience and student engagements in the educational institutes.

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