Almost all the businesses and companies around the world offer sales promotion tools for the promotion of their product or service such as they offer coupon codes, shopping deals and discount codes to all of the consumers.

Slight variation in the prices of the product/service enhances the growth of the business in the fruitful manner. Companies often use the sales promotion tools to increase the demand of the product. Thus, in that way sales are boost and it effects the growth of the business positively. But it is merely for only limited time period.

Sales promotion is often used to create consumers awareness when any new product has announced in the market. When there is price variation occurs of the new product so the sell increases. When consumers needs has satisfied by the usage of the product, so they purchase it again. Then the price increment of the product doesn’t matter for the consumer because of their full satisfaction.

There are lots of branded products that are expensive. But few groups of people can’t buy expensive products but they would like to purchase it, so companies fulfill their dreams by selling their products at reduced prices. In slight variation of prices, sensitive buyers attract to purchase. Almost these buyers are waiting for the reduction of the prices and then they make purchases.

There are wide ranges of sales promotion tools such as, distribution of free samples, buy one get one free, sale in few %, shopping deals, free shipping, new year deals and coupon codes as well. These tools effect positively to increase sales and reach the business to boom. Promotional tools are also offer on festivals and events as well.


 Tools of marketing are necessary for the promotion of the product/service in this technological growing world. Due to further inventions and innovations, new industries are emerging in the market. Well there is increment in the competitors as well, that offers the same product-only the brand name and packaging has changed. So nowadays, technology doesn’t only reduce the time and manual labor but it grows the tough competition.

Following are the tools of marketing that plays the prominent role in the market to tackle the tough competition.

  • Digital media.
  • TV commercials.
  • Print Media
  • Mobile Phones.

Digital media is the internet-websites pop up, social media and email marketing. In this technological growing world, digital media work better for the promotion of the product/service. Indeed, users spend their spare time on social media and web searching. They easily attract by persuasive ads and this leads to action of purchases.

The above listed tools are not only use for marketing purpose but it is also use for sales promotion as well. Companies design coupon codes and viral ads on websites as well as on social media. These ads can often come in pop up form on websites. They also publish ads on social media and print media as well.

All in all, the tools of marketing are only effective when designing of ads are persuasive. The content of ads is also plays the vital role to boost sells. Creative designs and content promote the product in the market and beat the competitors easily. The product can easily stand out from the crowd, if the marketing strategy is effective and made by crucial evaluation.


This is the question that is often asks by new marketer that its decline the product worth. Literally, the answer is no, the worth of the product doesn’t decline by the slight variation of prices in the product. It is company’s desires to create long term relationship with consumers and also distract the consumers from the competitor’s products.

It is the prominent task of the marketer to make the outstanding strategy for the promotion of the product. Sales promotion tools are also works well, if it is use by crucial evaluation. This strategy is often use at certain festivals or when the sales decline due to off season. Thus, the demand of product increases by using these strategies of sales promotion.

Stores and outlets are not limited to shopping malls or local areas but these are present online also through which shopping takes place by sitting at home and desired products can easily get at doorsteps. There are wide ranges of stores that are present online along those websites that offers shopping deals and coupon codes to people such as,

All in all, the demand of the product increases by using the sales promotion tools. But it is only for limited time period. Time is essential for the sensitive buyers, as when they see the end time is near so they purchases before the times end.

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