How to Become a Fitness Trainer Without Experience?

Active development of the fitness industry has a positive effect on the career opportunities of sports trainers. The lack of competent specialists leads to a high level of wages. Clubs “hold on” to professional staff who ensure the stability of the flow of customers. This means that even a fitness trainer without experience receive comfortable working conditions: a flexible schedule, social guarantees, internal training.

Starting from scratch is not scary. With the right choice, first the training place, and then the fitness club, you can increase income by 5-6 times in a few years.

Now is the right time to start a career. In 2018, the growth in the number of visitors to fitness clubs amounted to 8.5%, in 2019 – 11%. Surveys showed that even with a decrease in personal income, only 5% of customers agree to refuse to visit the gym. According to research, the growth potential of this sector is still very large, which is why the profession of a fitness trainer is prestigious, promising and profitable.

How to get a fitness trainer?

 In the same way as for any other job: view ads, send resumes, attend interviews. A prerequisite is the presence of specialized education. This is not about five-year training at the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, but about specialized training, which takes several weeks and is available to everyone who wants to get a new profession.

Important factors when choosing an educational institution that will provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge:

  1. School reputation:It is important if the applicant wants to quickly find a job as a fitness instructor without experience. In the wake of the popularity of fitness, many schools have appeared that simply want to earn more and do not worry about the level of knowledge of students. Carefully study the information on the school (college) website: from what time the organization operates, what courses it offers, where graduates work.
  2. Teachers: Who will teach: unknown “experts” or world-famous experts? Look for a company where candidates and doctors of sciences teach, international bodybuilding judges, masters of sports with significant achievements. They have accumulated many years of knowledge, and they are able to share it so that the student quickly immersed in the profession, regardless of the level of education available.
  3. Training period:Two to three weeks with passing one final test is too little to complete a full-fledged training. To obtain a basic level with the right to conduct training, you need to study for 5-7 weeks and pass exams in several disciplines: anatomy, biochemistry, bodybuilding, fitness, dietetics, yoga instructor and sports medicine and others.

If your area does not have a good fitness school, do not waste your money and time on a bad one. Firstly, it will prevent you from getting a job in a prestigious club. A fitness trainer with no experience should have at least a high level of training. Secondly, the poor quality of training will lead to errors when working with clients, which is unacceptable – after all, the coach is responsible for the health of the person who trusted him.

It’s better to find an educational institution in another city, especially since the theoretical basis of the basic course in the specialty “Instructor of Fitness, Bodybuilding,Yoga instructor can be learned remotely.

The benefits of distance learning:

  1. Time-saving: No need to go anywhere and give up current activities.
  2. Individual pace: The student himself builds a study schedule based on personal circumstances and needs. All classes are held online.
  3. Saving money: Distance learning is cheaper than full-time. There are no costs for travel and accommodation.

In the process of distance learning, you will understand whether this is really what you want to do, and decide whether to come to an educational institution for practical training or not.

A student who has not completed practice receives a certificate of fitness assistant. In small clubs and in regions this is enough to be hired without experience.

If you want to work with serious clients and get more money, you should come to practical classes and become the owner of a full diploma. Make sure that the school you choose has spacious practice rooms equipped with all the necessary equipment.

5 Rules for Guaranteed Employment

  1. Make a resume:

Indicate where and how much you studied. Write down the number of theoretical and practical hours, types of subjects studied. Indicate how many years have been involved in sports, what successes have been achieved. Email your resume to all the fitness clubs you would like to work for.

  • Show interest:

After one or two days, call those clubs from which there is no answer. Check if the personnel officer received a resume and whether it was reviewed. Say that you are ready to answer any additional questions and come for an interview when they say so.

  • Get interviewed:

Compare the equipment of the halls, working conditions, the duration of the trial period. Evaluate the atmosphere prevailing in the club, pay attention to the attitude of the management towards the employees.

  • Be honest:

Immediately admit that you are a fitness trainer with no work experience, but with a great desire to learn and develop. Ask how you can be useful to this particular club. Tell us about further plans and courses that you want to take to improve your skills.

  • Use any chance:

If the “cool” club is refused, start working in the club easier. In small rooms, you can also make good money, or at least get enough experience.

  • Do not give up on your first failure:

 Keep sending out resumes – the more you try, the higher the chance of getting a really good place.


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