How to Buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment for New Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Building new kitchen is a big undertaking. The kitchen is the center of restaurant, where most important activities of restaurant takes place. For new and standard restaurants, there should be smooth workflow which required space. The space in the kitchen should be sufficient for basic areas such as cooking and preparation area, cold storage, baking section, washing area, store area, food service and staff quarters.

Before you start shopping new equipment, make sure you have done your research and visited several caterings and restaurants. You should know about best catering kitchen equipment, what are needed or not. List down everything you need and test before use. Equipment of modern commercial kitchen are very different from traditional equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment is not for few people or small restaurants, it’s a large investment and use for thousands of people. So, if you are worried about your new restaurant kitchen tools. The wait is over, this article will help you out for buying commercial kitchen equipment for your new kitchen.

1- Planning:

The first and foremost step of buying commercial kitchen equipment is planning your need or menu. Most common mistake is wasting your time and money in buying things that you don’t need. To avoid it, plan your menu first then create a shopping list. In this way, you know that what specialty equipment you may want to invest in for your restaurant.

2- Create budget:

It’s true that new commercial equipment is expensive. When you think for new restaurant, it’s important to set a budget for yourself. The ideal key is find an equal balance between quality and affordability. Higher quality appliances help to produce better quality food, efficient and last longer. List pieces of equipment which are most important and prioritize in your budget list.

3- Basic commercial kitchen equipment:

There are some basic kitchen equipment that are best for new modern restaurants development. You can add several things later. But start with only few basics to get you started. Some basic commercial kitchen equipment that everyone should know are;

  • Chef knives kit
  • Commercial shelving
  • Griddles
  • Cooling equipment, such as refrigerators and freezers, display freezers for dessert and ice maker.
  • Ranges and ovens are most important and significant tools.

Then a long list which includes food reparation items till washing dishes.

4- Measure your space:

You should know your space of kitchen before shop. Make sure that it will fit in your space and kitchen will look best, not overloaded. Measure your doorway to get new equipment in building. Consult with exerts and search what is best according to restaurant and its location and need.

5- Local codes and warranties:

You should be familiar with all local codes for shopping for kitchen equipment. Make sure you know all health, fire, building and other codes. Local codes vary according to the different locations. Moreover, do your research about the available warranties of equipment. There are many famous commercial kitchen equipment houses that guide, help and sell best products for the new restaurants.


While shopping for new kitchen, stick on your buying or budget list. Don’t attracted towards shiny and popular items. Largely, the kitchen equipment list is almost similar for every restaurant. Later you have to sort out the restaurant-specific need according your food menu.

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