How To Cast Devices With Google Home

Let’s take a look at a short but comprehensive guide on how to cast devices with google home? Google home is the new personal assistant device from google, a speaker and mincro-phone system that allows you to control devices, get new reports, set reminders and command your music.

It is accompanied on Android by the Google Assistant and the newly updated home app that combines control of the Home speaker and other google devices such as chromecast.

How to Connect Home Devices

Before you can begin to use these connected home devices, such as Chromecast and Google Home, you need to make sure that your phone or tablet and the devices can talk to each other.

1. The Home app has replaced the Google Cast app, so if you are still seeing Google Cast on your phone or tablet, you should head into the play store and check the app updates. If you are using a very new android device, such as the Pixel phone, Home should already be there.

2. Open the app and you will see a selection of content sources in the Watch tab. The sources shown here will vary depending on the apps you have installed, so if you have Netflix and BBC iPlayer installed on your device, highlights from those apps will appear here.

3. The Discover tab lets you find new ways to find content. This is essentially just a list of apps that are compatible with casting to various devices, be it music, movie or TV shows. If you want to add one of the apps shown here, tap the button and install through the Playstore window.

4. You can use home to cast to a variety of devices, including the Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and the Google Home Speaker. To begin, you need to first detect any of the compatible devices with the app. Make sure your devices are powered on and ready to go.

5. Tap the menu button on the home app or tap the devices button in the top right corner. You will need to allow Location services for the app at this point if you haven’t already. Once location settings are set, the app will begin to scan for devices connected to the same network.

6. Once your device is detected, connect to it and follow any instructions to name it. You can add several devices to your Home app and choose which to cast to as and when you need to. As well as casting content from the various content sources, you can also cast your device screen.

How to Cast to Devices

Once you have Home set up, you can use it to cast content to your connected devices. This could be music to google home or chromecast audio or video content to chromecast.

1. Let’s take casting a video from youtube to a chromecast as an example. The process for casting to home or chromecast audio will be much the same. The next few steps assume that you have found your chromecast device and it is set up and ready to be cast to.

2. Open the youtube app (this could just as easily be Netflix, Play Movies or any other app capable of casting) and search for the video you want to watch on your chromecast connected TV. Tap to play the video and you should see the cast icon at the top a tv screen with three lines in it.

3. Tap this icon and select the device you want to cast to. In this case, we just have the Chromecast to choose from but you can have several devices connected. The content will be sent to the device and begin playing on the TV (and stop playing on your phone or tablet).

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