How to choose the best indoor and outdoor fly traps

How to choose the best indoor and outdoor fly traps

Flies don’t portray a good image and can be a real nuisance in the house. They make your stay uncomfortable and can easily pass infections from other places by contaminating foodstuff. Their small size makes them difficult to tame and to keep off your home perimeter. Fortunately, there are indoor and outdoor fly traps to get rid of them in a matter of hours effectively. They are also readily available in various models and designs at the local stores and at affordable prices. However, how do you arrive at the best fly trap that suits the purpose?

Have minimal mess

As much as you want to eliminate flies around your home, the trap you identify to use should also not create another mess. Some fly trappers fail to contain dead flies and leave behind carcasses scattered on the floor, tables, and seats or your kitchenware. Such traps hence end up dirtying your house now and then. You can imagine a dead fly falling from above at the dining table when having a meal! A fly trap with a retaining container would hence be a better choice, especially for indoor use.

Utilizes natural ingredients

In case you choose an indoor trap that uses chemicals, ensure it guarantees minimal or no harmful emissions. This can not only be dangerous to the health of your family but also stain any surface near them such as the ceiling, shade lamps, and curtains. They should also be made from natural elements for the safety of your indoor and outdoor plants. Hence maintaining your household items, decor and the surrounding environment clean and healthy is very important.

Enhances home beauty

Just like when buying other home items and accessories, image is important. Hence, when choosing fly traps for both indoor and outdoor use, ensure they uphold the beauty and style of your decor. while you aim to eliminate flies, some traps such as fly strips have unsightly appearance especially with trapped flies. Even though they are reusable, they may end up watering down the aesthetics in your home.

Electric fly traps have a better style and blend well with your décor when carefully selected. Identifying the color that goes well with most furniture and fittings will enhance your home décor. You will also be making them less visible to guests or hard to tell what type of gadgets they are. Some electric models come with lantern designs to easily blend with indoor and outdoor decor. One might think they are diffusers or air fresheners fixed on the wall or ceiling. They look elegant despite the fact they contain dead flies inside. Additionally, the smaller the design, the lesser it clutters your house.

Choose one in line with the purpose

Different fly traps are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Don’t purchase an indoor fly trap for indoor use. Outdoor traps have more emissions due to the open environment than indoor traps hence may be harmful when used indoors. They also smell a lot if made of chemical compounds giving your house a bad odor. Some outdoor designs are also larger to exterminate a high number of insects and can take up more space and become clumsy indoors.

An indoor trap should be more portable to use in different rooms in your house or apartment. This allows you to place it where the flies are in abundance. Such places include the kitchen or near their entry point, such as the windows. You will not only avoid buying many traps for each room but effectively eliminate flies instantly. Portability also allows you to store the gadget during the low season of infestation safely.

Durable and recyclable

Cost is an essential factor to consider when choosing your indoor or outdoor fly trap. This doesn’t mean you go for cheap products but affordable and cost-effective. A quality insect trap is worth your money if it can last for a long time before you think of replacing it. This means it must be easy to extract dead flies and clean them before reusing to avoid bad odor from engulfing your home. In the process, it must be sturdy to withstand frequent handling without losing their appalling look.

Outdoor traps should also be strong to endure harsh weather conditions. They should be rust-resistant during the wet seasons and proof to strong sunlight that might reduce their effectiveness. In addition, the cost of purchasing refills or other usage parts should not outweigh the cost of buying a new trap.

Able to eliminate different flies

The use of a particular trap should not be limited to eliminating a specific type of fly. It should be able to attract and kill or repel most if not all flying insects that are common in households and the environs. They should also be effective in getting rid of gnats and mosquitoes that invade the house from outside. All these insects are harmful, and carriers of diseases and can be destructive to your home. In addition, they should have the capacity to eliminate both small and larger flies effectively.

In summary

Employing the services of professional pest control service providers can be a costly affair, especially if the flies are too much in your kitchen washroom and the entire compound. Electric fly traps are hence a better choice since they are economical and easy to use. They can be placed on various positions without affecting your health and blend well with your interior and exterior decor. When choosing the best indoor or outdoor fly traps to ensure that your home design, décor, and comfort is not interfered with. Instead, go for simple modern models that offer a variety of benefits.


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