How To Create A WordPress Website?

wordpress website

WordPress is one of the most common website platforms in today’s world. Many big companies have been using this platform for building up their website. It is based on PHP and MySQL thus allowing the open source Content Management System (CMS).

You may often find yourself stuck in a dilemma when you are preparing to build up a website. It is to be noted that building up a proper website can have the much positive impact on your business. WordPress is always at your rescue. It is free and one of the most reliable platforms to build up a website.

What are the steps to build up a WordPress Website?

Well, here we bring you a list of steps about how to build a WordPress platform:

1.      Setup

WordPress is free with several designs. Setup to the website is essential so you will have to set up a domain name and include hosting. This will charge you some money. People will be able to reach out to your website with the help of domain name. Usually, the cost of the domain is around $14.99/year while hosting will charge $7.99/month.

When coming to hosting, you can always choose Bluehost. It is the greatest hosting partner for WordPress. Select a domain name and hosting, then move to the next step, installing WordPress.

2.      Install WordPress

On the website section in cPanel, you will get the WordPress panel. On seeing the Bluehost Marketplace Quick Install screen get the WordPress and to continue select “Get Started.” In the next page enter admin name, domain name and set a password for the website. Next, Install WordPress.

3.      Select Theme

One of the key features of the WordPress site is selecting the WordPress theme. It usually controls the sighting of your website. You can install the WordPress themes on your website and change the whole look of your site. However, there is always a primary theme implied to your WordPress website, which is primary. Next, you can change them. There are free website themes and also premium ones, which you should purchase.

There are about 4492 WordPress themes. So, you know the choice is going to be hard. If you know the name of any particular theme that you want, you can directly search for it on the website and install it. If you’re confused among so many themes, you can use Bento, to determine which WordPress theme would be the best for your website. Bento is a free multi-purpose tool which offers a wide range of design options for WordPress.

4.      Add Contents to your site

A website without contents is absolutely nothing. It has two default options- posts and pages. It is in the posts option that you can add and modify the various contents of your website. Whereas, the page option is for adding contact us, privacy policy and such options. By default, WordPress shows all your blog posts on the front page, while if you wish, you can create a separate one for your blogs.

5.      Install Plugins

Plugins are the central concept of your website. They are installed to make your webpage manageable. Their functioning is similar to that of apps on the phones, which lets you add more features to the website. Currently, there are about 49900 plugins on the WordPress, which are free. Also, there are paid WordPress plugins which you may like to use.

Some of the essential WordPress plugins which you need to start off with include

  • WPForms Lite– It lets you add custom form option.
  • Envira Gallery Lite– It enables you to add some beautiful picture galleries on your website.
  • Monster Insights– It will allow you to link your website with Google Analytics so you can keep a track on how many people are visiting your site.

Final Thoughts

There are several other guides provided by the official WordPress by which you can gain control over the website. Now WordPress became one of the most powerful tools. Therefore, now that you know the steps go on start up and build own website.


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