How to format international telephone numbers?

Communication through SMS, Instant Messaging etc is perhaps the easiest medium of Communication today, but still we need to verify and punch the proper address (number) of receiver, otherwise we could miss the aim. Therefore, we need to follow the standard parameter when dialing a number.

Specifiers and Filters:
In the earlier times, and even today, when we need to send a letter to anyone, we need to attach all its specifiers so we can avoid the duplication of house or street locations and addresses, so for mobile phone we have special filters to specify the receiver location and not miss the aim. We call those prefixes “Codes”.


One of the most important and necessary things to attach with numbers, especially while international or regional roaming is Code. For instance if we talk about +44 UK country code. Suppose if the mobile number in the UK is always starts with the digit ‘07’ and if you dial a number ‘07911123489’ and you are dialing a number for UK without adding a code before it, the computer might interpret the number otherwise and kept on considering this number as an ambiguous. To avoid such ambiguity and instruct the computer to call only in the UK, you need to add a +44 UK country code. Same goes with any other country in the world even in regional divisions you need to add the code prefix like a separate postal code for every region.

E.164 formatting:

It is intelligent to format numbers using E.164 recommendations. An E.164 international formatting number is designed to consist of all of the necessary information successfully trace and route the sms and call to the targeted individual and nation’s public telephone network.

How E.164 numbering pan works:

A telephone number can have up to of a maximum of 15 digits.

THe first part of the phone number is country code (1 to 3 digits)

The second part is to indicate NDC( national destination code).
The last part is the subscriber number.
The NDC and NS together are collectively called national (significant) number.

To use the above example:
Country code would be: +44
National destination code would be: 7911

Subscriber Number: 123489
In total: +447911123489.

Here two important things you should note: First of all, in the international E.164 notation a leading ‘0’ get removed. The UK mobile phone number ‘07911123489’ in international format would be ‘+447911123489’, so the first zero would be subtracted, secondly in the E.164 international notation all dashes, parentheses [‘(‘and’)’], adn dashes [‘-’] should be removed except a leading + and the rest of the characters should be numeric.

International Phone Number Validator:

There is an easy and great trick to verify and check the number whether a number is correct or not and how it should look in E.164 formatting, and that hack is Phone Number Parser Demo. That’s a kind of coding and software, used by google to verify the phone number formatting for android phones.

On website ‘howstuffworks’ you will find information more briefly and valuable about the origin of International Telecommunication Unit (ITU) and the numbering plan E.164.

Country’s Special Rules and Regulations:

Since SMS is not a national or regional practice but it’s a global practice and perhaps the most accepted and used medium for communication both formal and informal, SMS is not bound anymore to just casual talks, but it has a great marketing potential in it and now it has an official weight also. SO when SMS is a global thing, it rotates around the globe from country to country, city to city, region to region, As understood, every country and as well as state has it;s own rules, restrictions and regulations, habits and parameters to read and understand the international SMS. So it’s always necessary to keep in mind the international standard parameters of sending SMS to avoid the inconvenience

There are numerous unauthorized software, hacks, applications available on different internet platforms, which claim to skip these regulations and make you connected with your destined location on individual, but first of all always remember that as time passes where digital and network security is getting stronger and stronger, on the other hand hackers keep introducing new scams and hacks, which not only can put you in legal trouble but sometimes steal all your money or precious data within few minutes and it will be surely an unbearable harm and cost for any person. Especially when data is a new gold of the international web market.

So never think of trying shortcuts which are actually holes and will bring you unexpected troubles. Always use legal and standard formatting which is actually not very difficult as described above and keep yourself, your data and accounts safe and secure,  and get connected with your friends, family and related persons legally.


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