How To Host A Big Christmas Party On A Small Budget?

It is almost the wrap of the year 2019, and before we land up in 2020, celebration awaits us. Yes, I’m talking about Christmas, which falls in the last month of the year. Each year, people start making plans (Some are executed and some not) for this festival and celebrate Christmas with full enthusiasm, and each plan leaves us with lots and lots of memories. So, How are you planning to make Christmas 2019 memorable? 

Most people have the idea of a party when it comes to celebration. That brings us to the most exciting part of Christmas, and that is the Christmas party. Sure you have decorated your Christmas tree, Sent Christmas gifts online, but what about the party? Christmas festival is incomplete without a Christmas party, right? However, every party is all dependant on a budget.

Though we all wish to throw a grand Christmas party on some private island but our bank balance gives us a reality check. Don’t worry; you don’t need a private island or high budget to have fun because you know with some smart tricks you can still have an amazing Christmas party by staying on a small budget. Focus on making the party fun instead of making it grand; then, you will have a party that will be talked about in the coming years. If you have no idea how to do that, don’t worry, here are some tips on how to make your party fun by being on a budget.

Virtual Invitations

First things first, cut down the cost of invitations. No, I’m not asking you not to send invitations at all, because what’s a party without inviting anybody. All I’m saying is that if you are on a budget, then save some money in invitations and opt for sending virtual invitations instead of sending out hard copies. There are so many ways to send virtual messages like sending an Email or creating a facebook event. Now it’s entirely up to you which way you find convenient. Other than the methods mentioned above, there are other free services too that help you send beautiful digital invitations. Though people generally don’t consider invitation cards as a large expense, you know little costs add up quickly.

Set a Budget

This tip is very useful because it is really important to set a budget of how much you are willing to spend. Before you do anything else, make categories, and divide how much part of your budget each category receives. Accordingly, you will be able to cut some of the avoidable categories. Prioritize food and fun, so make sure these categories are allocated the maximum share of your budget. The best way to be on budget while hosting a party is by keeping track of your spending as you go. If you find it difficult, there are so many free apps that help you keep a check, use them.

Hot chocolate over alcohol

I heard so many hearts breaking with this tip, but it is a very useful and amazing tip to stay on a budget. Also, hot chocolate adds a fun element in winter parties, especially when its winter holiday season. Don’t worry; nobody will call you outdated for not keeping booze at the party. Hot cocoa stations are really trending in the parties these days. And trust me, hot chocolate can beat alcohol in terms of fan following any day. Oh, and don’t forget to add a Christmas cake along with this hot treat.

Potluck party

Another cost-saving yet fun party idea is going for a potluck party. Turn your Christmas party to a potluck party. It not only save your money but will save on a lot of your time and efforts too. When you are able to get out of the kitchen, you will get extra time to enjoy with your friends and family. Also, another benefit of a potluck is that people can prepare dishes that they themselves would love to eat.

With these tips, you are ready to master the art of entertainment, even when you are on a budget.

So, its time to make your holidays, happy holidays, so invite your friends and family over and celebrate the Christmas festival. 


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