How to Increase Your Attraction Levels With the Ladies

How to Increase Your Attraction Levels With the Ladies

So I and my wife recently when out for date night. On the way, we run into one of my friends from high school. Immediately, he was stunned by how beautiful my wife is. Some days later he texted me and asked how I got that lucky. Well, luck has nothing to do with it. It is 2019 and women have stopped looking for Mr. Tall, dark and handsome. However, it is still not easy for most men to attract women. Here are some quick tips and hacks on how to increase your attraction levels with the ladies. Some of these tips you may know already but I bet you find one or two that you do not.

  1. Use Fragrances

First and most importantly you should use a fragrance. When I say fragrance I mean cologne that you can develop into your signature scent. Research says that only about 20% of men wear cologne. Consequently, having a signature scent will immediately give you an advantage over your competition. Also, women tend to have a stronger sense of smell. Therefore, they cannot resist a man with a good signature scent such as Michael Jordan cologne for men. Here you can find a great Michael Jordan cologne for men review that is bound to have something for you.

  • Be Generous

Women love altruistic men. After all, the main reason to be in a relationship is to help each other to achieve more. So even if you hate it, try and be generous around here. Give to charity, go for that save a child run and help out friends when they ask. This will not only make you seem like an angel in her eyes, but it will also make you feel like a better human being.

  • Use Metaphorical Complements

Women can be quite complicated at times. Chinese researchers have determined that plain compliments just do not cut it with them. Saying something like “beautiful eyes” is considered plain and boring.  Instead, you should try using some romantic metaphors like “your eyes are like morning dew”. It might seem a bit silly and cliché but it works. It will make your woman feel special. Also, it gives you a distinction from your competition. 

4.     Wear Red

You may not like the color red but I recommend that you start to. According to research red has a way of tapping into the primitive part of a woman’s brain. Consequently, wearing this color will make you seem more attractive. Also, it is a bold statement that will make you feel and look more confident.

  • Confidence

Subconsciously, beautiful women are looking for a strength and confidence gene. Consequently, they prefer these genes to another beauty gene. Remember, confidence and strength to a woman is what beauty is to a man. Here are a few tricks and tips to make you seem more confident:

  • If you like a woman do not be afraid to make the first move
  • When you talking to a woman look her at her face and smile
  • Wear cologne as it makes you feel and look more confident
  • Learn about her hobbies like a book she likes. This will give you something to talk about
  • Just like many things in life, the fastest route to confidence is faking it until you make it. Think positive thoughts, trust in yourself and leave all your fears behind.
  • Keep Yourself Groomed

Grooming is yet another vital part of becoming more attractive to women. The majority of women will make a first impression with your outward appearance. Once this first impression is made it becomes almost impossible to change. A well-groomed man who makes an effort to always look good gets the girls. However, you should take caution not to overdo it such that you seem feminine. Then again, some women love that.

  • Be a Challenge

On some rare occasions, some women will be the ones perusing you. This can be very exciting hence it gets very easy to mess up. You might like the girl too but this is your chance to make her go crazy for you. In such situations, you have to play hard to get. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it as women give up a lot faster than men. On the other hand, if you make yourself too available you might find that the tables have turned. I advise playing it cool with a moderate balance between hard and soft. It might feel wrong and manipulative but remember women do it to men all the time.

  • Work out

Lastly, women admire a man who takes care of their bodies. You do not have to go crazy with the gym and become a bodybuilder. In fact, research says that women prefer a lean man to a muscular one. Just eat right and work out 2-3 days a week and you will be happy with the results you get.

Final Verdict

There you have it, 8 quick tips on how to increase your attraction levels with the ladies. With these by your side, you will be in a chick magnet in no time.


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