How to Start a Portable Generator

Having a generator near you can make your life a lot easier in the event of a power outage due to a natural disaster or electricity line maintenance problem. A portable new generator can provide enough power to make life comfortable, as long as there is no electricity. Portable generators are utilized in areas where there are always electricity difficulties, or where an electricity source is not possible.

When there is no electricity, you want to run your portable generator quickly. So you have to keep the condition of your generator always intact so that you can use it in an emergency sometimes.

Keep the following points in mind to keep your generator ready for use

Check damage or fuel or gas leak: 

You should always check the generator first before using it. Turning on the generator without checking may prove to be a danger.

Move your Generator outdoor, Apart from the home:

Take your generator at least 15 feet out of your house. Never turn on a generator inside your home, garage, it could be a danger to you. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur within minutes if you use a generator inside your garage or indoors.

Don’t use your generator in a Strome:

You should never use your generator in a storm or rain because water can cause electric shock and damage to your generator.

Check fuel and oil:

You should regularly use fresh fuel for your generator, and check that the oil level is correct. Becuase Most generator models will not start with the wrong oil level. Therefore, you need to check the fuel before starting the generator.

Clean the carburetor:

Old, disgraced gas found in a carburetor can cause some problems in generators. You should fully clean the generator’s carburetor. If you have never cleaned the carburetor before, it is very important to first get information about it. You should get that carburetor are very sensitive.

Check the air filter:

To run a generator, a generator needs some airflow. A clogged air filter can stop airflow in the generator. It is your own responsibility to keep the air filter clean.

To clean the air filter, pull the air filter out and check if it is full. If it is not very dirty and you are in a position to clean, then you can try to clean it. You can do a clear it by giving it a light blow.

If it is not clear then you change it.

Do not fuel the generator when it is hot, and do not place gas containers near the generator:

Do not place fuel or gas containers next to the generator. Due to which there is a danger of fire in the generator. This mistake can put you in great danger. For this reason, the risk of fire in your house may also increase. Even if you recognize, don’t make this misunderstanding.

Generator start process in a few steps

Step 1-

Examine the fuel level of your generator’s fuel tank. The fuel in the tank should not be completely filled as it creates pressure inside the tank. Fuel up to 1 and 1/2-inch space above the tank to prevent too much pressure. Ever use fresh fuel for your generators. This is great for your portable generator.

Step 2-

Remove the oil cap and dipstick, and clean the old oil on them. Check the oil level with the help of dip stick, the oil level on the dip stick is clear.

Step 3-

Take the generator to a well-ventilated space, as the generator leaves the poisonous carbon mono oxide to operate. This carbon monoxide proves very dangerous for us, due to this gas there is a danger of being killed. Keep generator exhaust aside from windows and doors.

Step 4-

Rotate the fuel valve in the “on” position, the fuel valve has two on, and of two positions. Before starting the generator, you will be able to start the generator only after bringing the valve in the on position. When the valve is on setting it indicates fuel supply is on.

Step 5-

Drag the choke to the “on” position. The engine of the generator will be ready to start.

Step 6-

If it is in an electric start generator, press the generator start switch to the start generator or pull the cord to the start generator. If your generator is an electric start generator, you must first check that the generator is not dead because the generator starts at an electric startup.


I hope that with the help of this blog, you will be better understand, how portable generators work. In this blog, the process of starting a generator has explained stepwise. If you have any questions about new generators and used generators, you can contact our EO Energy team.


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