How To Use ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment on Natural

What’re good beauties is telling you you’re here. So obviously my hair is looking like a hella hot mess right now and is in need of some attention. Young it’s super dry it’s tangled matted it’s breaking and shedding like crazy like on bad hair days like this. I reached for my Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment to help my hair bounce back. So if you want to see how I get my hair to go from homeless to healthy every single time. Just keep on watch. So my hair has already been washed so it’s currently damp and I already went ahead and separated my hair into a fourth section which makes the application process a whole lot easier if you guys want to see how I wash my hair.

So next you wanted to tangle each section thoroughly the tangling your hair just ensures that each gen is coated with the protein treatment. I’ve got this tangled brush in the Dallas store and is seriously came through for me yea like this is my new bait. Like it honestly does the job better than any damn airbrush for a fraction of the price. So the Aphogee to start protein treatment comes in these two bottles.

aphogee protein treatment

The grey bottle on the left is the extra protein treatment which is the first step and the pinkish purplish bottle on the right is the bounce in a moisturizer which is the second step of this treatment. This helps to restore balance still in moisture and strength in here shows after the protein treatment and since the protein cream, it is extremely sticky and messy as hell. Exhibit A this cap is stuck to the rim of the bottle making it so difficult to operate now. So to avoid this mess I like to chance for the team into a colour applicator bottle for easy application just to make sure all my hair shares are evenly coated.

A spray bottle works just as good too. So now you want to start applying. Step one of the protein treatment to e section of here. After I pour a generous amount of tumour on to my hair I just work it out with my hands using the praying hand’s method. Then I use my wife’s tooth comb to make sure it’s spread evenly throughout my hair. So I just continue to use your hands and work the product into your hair smoothing instrument along the way. Kind of like you see me doing right here.

After you finish applying the treatment to the first section you kind of just let it go and let it hang there. Then you move on to the next section and repeat the exact same steps on the other side. Since the Aphogee treatment is a heavy-duty treatment it can be very draining may be tested on a small patch of your hair first just to see how your hair reacts when it comes to protein treatment. There is so much to learn.

So you guys have to be really careful when using this treatment because I kid you not. It is sticky as hell. Like, look at how my hair is getting attached to my tower right now. If this happens to you. Just be careful your hair is in a fragile state right now. You don’t want to break up any of being hair stand so just be careful when you remove in the hair fans off of your face off of your towel or just any place that your hair is getting attached to. Remember the goal here is just to make sure all your historians are coded so after applying the protein treatment you do not want to manipulate your hair in any shape or form.

Don’t put a plastic cap on it. Don’t call it don’t brush it or run your fingers through it. And if you don’t want your hands to look anything like mines which is sticky and greasy as hell. Feel free to put on some plastic bin above and toss them out when you’re done. All right. So now that all of my hair is coated with the protein treatment it’s time to apply heat and let the treatment dry. You can use a blow dryer. I sit under a header dryer like I’m about to do right here and you just want to set the dryer to medium heat is warmth warm setting.

So this whole time frame for how long you should stay under the dryer. But I usually stand there for like 20 minutes. So this is what your hair looks like after the protein has done its job. Your hair is hard as a rock. It’s there. It’s not going anywhere.

It kind of reminds me of ramen noodles. Straight out of the packaging. Like look how I’m like touching it and it just stays in place like it is so crunchy in there. Next, you want to change your hair with lukewarm water and then you want to rinse off the excess dried protein make sure you get behind your ears the ends of your hair. Just take your time and your rinse and this protein treatment out. Follow that up with step two of the Aphogee protein treatment which is the balancing moisturizing conditioner.

So just apply a generous amount of the Alpha G bouncy moisturizer to the hair until the scalp. So you just want to work it in there with your hands. Careful to coat each and every hair Shin. Then you just want to leave it in your hair for two minutes then rinse your hair thoroughly. Now it’s time for deep conditioning so begin by separating a handful of forest sections like you see right here and then you want to apply a condition of choice. I’m using Shea Moisture man Luca honey Emma for all intensive hydration mass is nice and thick which is perfect for restoring my ability and moisture back to the hair.

So deep conditioning is a crucial step after using a protein treatment protein. Humans don’t really add moisture to your hair that strand and rebuild areas of our hair with a protein was lost. So deep conditioning afterwards is essential for punishing much-needed moisture back into yours.


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