How Trophies and Awards Motivate Excellence: According to Science?

What could be great when you encourage others to do great? It does not only bring positivity to but also make you great within too. We are living in a world where we hardly appreciate each other and it leads to less creativity. It is time to create a world where we could appreciate and encourage others. Giving Trophies and Awards are indeed ideal to go within this context. 

Today, we are going to emphasize on this topic that how trophies and awards motivate excellence.  Why should an organization hold more and more awards ceremonies to recognize special achievements? Moreover, we would also be talking about why prizes would be given publicly for unusual achievements and how it helps others to do great things.  Let us check it out more about it in a detailed manner.

Because Achievement Of Any Size Deserves To Be Rewarded

Yes!!! The fact cannot be ignored that achievements deserve to be rewarded. It should not matter what is the size of success since it somewhere shows that you did your best. You put your best efforts to come up with the results and when you win, you deserve a reward. Saying would not wrong that all exemplary achievements and accomplishments have a large share of determination, hard work, and commitment in common.

Rewarding people could create a healthy work atmosphere whatever efforts they put to do great for a firm. Whether it is a medal, Trophies or awards, they all value for the receiver indeed. It keeps remembering them what they did great and how it was appreciated and they should keep doing it more and better than this. Their family members, friends, etc., also get encouraged and pay respect to the receiver. 

How Do Organization Recognize The Success Of The Person

Here, it needs to mention that the organization should recognize the success of the person in a great way. Someone in your group has been doing an excellent job and has just won a professional victory. What happens then is that everyone finds out, and everyone has congratulated the colleague for the good work. Though the fact cannot be ignored that the organization would like to do something else. 

It means they would like to make public recognition of the achievements and successes of that person giving them an award or a trophy indeed.  It is quite important to do like that since that person has set an example of hard work, creative thinking or you can say the way of following a passion. When he/she is awarded, it does not encourage him/her to do the best but also others. 

The organization should organize an awards ceremony. Delivering prizes during a special ceremony is regarded as an ideal way to honor even the staff members and volunteers who have either shown an outstanding commitment or have accomplished great things. It also leads to healthy competition. 

Reasons To Organize Award Ceremonies

Have you been contemplating the same that why should award ceremonies organize? There are so many reasons. The most important ones have been mentioned here – 

  • An Award Ceremony Serves To Make People Feel That Their Work Is Valued: Yes!!! This is the first reason indeed. Here, it needs to mention that approval and gratitude for each other’s great work always make people feel good. An award ceremony also let the general public and other staff member know that their outstanding work or accomplishment have been taken into account. Moreover, recognition also motivates others to go ahead and strive for excellence. 
  • Recognition Motivates People: Indeed, it is true. If a social worker gets to reward an award to have outstanding performance in the identification program, it will also encourage others to do great in their field.  Saying would not be wrong that being rewarded for doing great things shows that you are being noticed and people are valuing your efforts indeed. Trophies and Awards are regarded as one of the greatest incentives that can be received.
  • For Volunteers: It is considered that award ceremonies are also an excellent means of recognition towards people like volunteers, without whom no organization could exist. They give their best to a firm and they do also deserve to be get recognized indeed. Though it can be said that Volunteers’ achievements may not always be “extraordinary,” but it holds value too. Their efforts cannot be ignored. When a company rewards the volunteers, it also encourages others to do the same. Chances are high that more people will apply for volunteering next time. 

Now, a point also emerges in mind that when these kinds of awards for achievement and exemplary realization should be organized. Here, it needs to mention that how often and under what circumstances your organization will award prizes depends completely on your organization. Every company holds a different nature of work or believes in following different methodologies. Let us understand it going with an example such as some organizations do prefer to go with an annual awards banquet to reward outstanding work while some do prefer to do it only occasionally or only on truly exceptional achievements.

Apart from it, some organization may also decide to deliver an award while having another event not especially dedicate for this purpose only. To put in simple words, they may go-ahead to organize an annual meeting of the board of directors, and it would be needed to award a special prize to one of the directors while having that meeting. Though, it does not matter how an award ceremony is going to be organized since giving trophy and awareness to deserving candidates matters a lot. 

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In The Last

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