Kent Water Purifier and Its Advantages

water purifier

Water is essential for all living beings. Drinking water should be pure without contamination. In the olden days, the water was very pure because our environment was excellent and clean. Nowadays, it’s tough to find purified drinking water. So, people started to look for purified water. Water purification can be done using boiling water. This is one method of removing the germs in our drinking water. The other way of purifying the water is by using purifiers.

The water purifier is nothing but a product that purifies our drinking water by removing the bacteria/ viruses and also the contaminated elements through various methods such as Reverse Osmosis (RO)/ Ultraviolet (UV)/ Ultrafiltration (UF)/ Non- Electric method. By this way, purifiers started to come into existence. The need for it has been reached all over the world through media and social networks.

Kent Water Purifier

Kent is the company, started with a Motive of producing health care products for the people. They began with the production of water purifiers, and the product has reached so many people, and it became successful within a short period. Nowadays, Kent product is highly in demand, and most of the people prefer this purifier. Kent is the company that introduced the RO .i.e. reverse-osmosis technology in India. It is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers in India, and its headquarters is located in Noida. This brand is mainly focused on water purification and offers its products at an affordable price.

Methods of purifying the water in the Kent Purifier

Out of all the brands, Kent is considered to be one of the most famous brands in India. Kent uses 6 stage technology and advanced UV technology in purifying the water and Kent service is also, and it had got a good rating from the people.

Kent Reverse Osmosis (RO) service is considered to be the best filtration method when compared to the others. Because in RO process, the pressure is given to the water molecules and it will make the water to run to the semipermeable membrane; then the ions and the unwanted molecules present in the water are removed by the membrane. By this way, the chlorine and the sediments present in the drinking water is filtered.

Ultra-violet (UV) Method: In this UV method, the ultraviolet lamp had been used in the filter. The UV rays from the lamp will remove the bacteria/viruses present in the water. This method is not considered to be preferable. So, people go for the RO filters. Kent has several RO water purifiers than UV water purifiers. 

In addition to the above two methods, Kent company also has a non-electric water purifier, which does not need continuous water supply and also it does not need electricity.

These are the three major types of purifiers available in the Kent Brand

Services of Kent Company

People will rush to buy the Kent company products because of their excellent service. The service is right in the Kent Company. , and they will remind us of the service once every six months. If the service is done for their product, then they will charge the amount comparatively less with the other service vendors. Free assistance is done for the first two times after installation. They also offer free installation to their customers and give gifts for purchasing their product. Many companies will not provide these offers to their customers. The trained professionals grant the demo during installation.

For any problems/queries regarding the purifiers, we can contact the Kent RO service Centre through their Kent RO service Centre number: 8506097730 or we can escalate our queries to their email ID:

We can also join as a member on their website and post our questions. They will then leave their responses as comments. We can also download the Kent app in our mobile phones, and we can post the repair/installation-related issues. More than that, we can visit the company website to know more information about their services.

The price is also not so high when compared to the other brands. Buy a Kent water purifier and live an active and healthy life. Also, create an awareness regarding water purification to your neighbors so that we can make others healthy.

Kent RO AMC had satisfied millions of customers across the globe. The company then decided to expand their business in other streams such as purifying the air through air purifiers, cleaning our house with the help of equipment called vacuum cleaners and detecting what is happening inside and outside the car with the help of camera called Cam Eye and also they produced so many cooking appliances.

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