Measles (Rubeola)- A Viral Infection in Children

Measles - A Viral Infection in Children

Measles (Rubeola)- A Viral Infection in Children, is a childhood infection caused by the Rubella and Rubeola viruses that enter into our body through the respiratory route and small aerosol particles. Sensitive organs which are exposed to the person infected by coughing and sneezing are easily get affected by these viruses. 

Under the Global Vaccine Action Plan, measles and rubella are targeted for elimination in five WHO Regions by 2020

Rubeola is among one of the most contagious viruses to a man. As a result, it can spread rapidly in the population.

A different thing about Measles that a person who gets immunity or vaccination once a time in life does not affect again from the measles virus.

Signs and Symptoms

Measles is a highly infectious Virus. Measles isn’t just a little rash. Measles can be highly contagious, especially for babies and young children those poorly nourished and with Vitamin A Deficiency. After 7-14 days in contact with the virus, It’s main symptoms are characterized by fever, cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, an enanthem (Koplik spots) on the oral mucosa, and a maculopapular rash that spreads cephalocaudally.

The measles rash appears 3 to 5 days after the first symptoms.

Measles typically begins with

  • high fever (may spike to more than 104°),
  • cough,
  • runny nose (coryza), and red, watery eyes
  • sore throat
  • white spots inside the mouth


It is Serious: Call your doctor if you think you or your child may have been exposed to measles or if you or your child has a rash resembling measles.

Diagnosing Measles

Seriously it’s contagious, If you suspect that you have measles or have been in contact with someone affected with measles, contact your doctor immediately.

Your doctor can usually diagnose you and direct you based on the disease’s characteristic rash as well as a small, bluish-white spot on bright red background — Koplik’s spot — on the inside lining of the cheek. However, many doctors have never seen measles, and the rash can be confused with some other illnesses. A small blood test can be taken to confirm whether the outbreak is truly measles.

Doctors can also confirm measles by some other common symptoms such as white spots in the mouth, fever, cough, and sore throat.

If they suspect you may have measles based on your history and observation, your doctor will order another blood test to check for the measles virus.

Diet Chart for Measles:

  1. Food rich in Vitamin C like Orange, Grapefruit, and
  2. Product rich in Vitamin A like Spinach, Green leafy vegetables, etc
  3. Avoiding greasy food; food containing fat and processed items.
  4. Not consuming caffeinated and sweet drinks like coffee and soft drinks.
  5. Immunity can be improved by drinking a boiled mixture of – half cup water, little ginger, two-three leaves of sweet basil (tulsi) and mint leaves.

Treatment for Measles?

No specific antiviral treatment or cure for measles is invented until now. Doctor say for rest and get fluids to prevent Dehydration. There is a need of 7 to 10 day to recover for the virus.

Following steps may help:

  1. IF the child’s temp high, fever, pains, and aches, can take the regular tablet after Doctor advice.
  2. No smoking near the child also good.
  3. Maintain the humidity in the room with place a bowl of water be helpful in case of measles cough, which not controlled with regular cough medicine. If the child is 12 months old or more, you can give a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey with warm water, may help. Note: Do not give to an infant.
  4. A child who reached in the contagious stage should stay away to contact from other child, and school medicine Children should remain at home
  5. Vitamin A supplements may be helpful for under two years children. Those with a vitamin A deficiency and have measles.

WHO Global Vaccine Action Plan

Under the Global Vaccine Action Plan, measles and rubella are targeted for elimination in five WHO Regions by 2020. WHO(World Health Organisation) is the lead technical agency responsible for the coordination of immunization and surveillance activities supporting all countries to achieve this goal.

Currently, after the Bhutan, Maldives, DPR Korea, and Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka becomes the Fifth Country in South East Asian region, who successfully eliminate the Measles or Rubella Virus. In Sri Lanka, over 95% children get the first and second doses of measles under the Childhood Immunization Programme.

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