Meet all your sexual desires with the aid of Cenforce 100

Sexual desires of yours and your partner are met only when you have a harder erection of your penis and at the same time, you both can elongate the timing of your pleasure. However, in normal life, your erection is also not in accordance with your desires and the time spent on the intercourse is not at all satisfactory. There is nothing to worry about that – you have the option of Cenforce 100 cheap from the online stores to fix all the things and get the most pleasure. Here are the different aspects that you must know regarding your erection and also regarding the drug.

Why is the dissatisfaction in you?

Your sexual dissatisfaction, as has been referred, is due to the hardness of your penis and the time spent for intercourse. Both things are interlinked. Better your penis hardness better will be the penetration and sensual will be the erotic pleasure of both you and your partner. On the same ground, just going through one coming shot, won’t give you the pleasure you are looking for. The matter becomes such that everything is completed before your pleasure actually shapes up.

Cenforce 100 cheap from the online stores is going to fix the entire issue in all relative ways. It will be working both on the hardness of your penis and also on the timing of your sensual activities. Thus, you and your partner will be enjoying the erotic pleasure like never you faced before.

What is the issue responsible for dissatisfaction?

Your erection and the retention of that erection for long hours are the two things that are responsible here for your dissatisfaction. So, the thing to be understood here is how your erection occurs. When you know the process, it will be much easier for you to identify the root cause of your dissatisfaction.

Your erection is the direct effect of your sexual urge and the filling of excess blood in your penile duct as a result of the sexual eagerness. However, in between these two activities, there are several steps that are included. Your sexual urge is at your mind and that is conveyed to the brain and commanded to take action over it. Your brain will be conveying and ordering your heart to pump more blood for the time being with the aid of the nervous system. Getting the message and eager to react upon that message from the brain, your heart will be pumping more blood to your penile duct, which is carried out to the penis through the veins of the penis.

Now, as you know the process, it is time now to understand the area of an anomaly, for which you are getting dissatisfied. The sensory system of yours is running well and the indication of the same is your erection. Though not hard, you are getting a proper erection and that too in the time when your sensual urge is responding to you. Now, the next step is about heart pumping. Your heart pumping is also going on, as you are getting an erection, due to the excess blood received at the duct. However, you are not getting a harder erection. Hence, either you are not getting the blood amount you need from the heart siphoning, or your penile veins are unable to carry that out in the desired manner. It is for this reason why your penis is not finding the desired hardness.

On the other end, your erection is lost as soon as you are following one coming shot. Hence, the heartbeat there or the excess blood pumping mechanism of the heart is stopped there. This can either be for the failure of your heart to do so or can be due to the failure of the nervous system to command that. In both instances, Fildena 100 at a cheap price is going to give you the perfect aid and remove your dissatisfaction from the root.

How Cenforce 100 works

Cenforce 100 is one of the top drugs that is meant for the purpose of yours. You will be getting the desired erection hardness and the erection will last for many hours even. The drug will be working initially on your nerves to ensure that the message from the brain reaches the heart at the right time and that remains connected with the heart till 4-5 hours. During these 4-5 hours, it will be working on the heart too in order to make it pump excess blood for continuous hours. With excess blood ejected to the penile duct, you will have an extraordinary erection and that will last for 4-5 hours too.

In the due time, if you complete one, two or many coming shots, Cenforce 100mg at a cheap price will continue working on your heart and will continue the pumping of blood to keep up the erection. So, you will be able to enjoy the erotic activity for long hours without any break.


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