Most Amazing Secrets about Roses- the Most Popular Flower

Everyone knows that rose is the most romantic flower in the world. But, did you know, there are several interesting facts about these fascinating blossoms? Following secrets about this highly aromatic flower to make these blossoms the ideal messenger to express your untold feelings. 

Rose is the Birth Flower of June

You might have sent flowers quite a times before on the anniversary day, wedding date, and even a bunch of yellow variations on the Friendship’s Day. But the next time you are about to order online flower delivery in Gurgaon, consider sending them to birthday girls or boys born in June- their birth flower. 

Rose Species

Originally there are about 100 rose species that grow naturally. Native to Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe, their commercial cultivation was started in 500 BC. Today, over 13,000 variations of these florets are grown worldwide (including several hybrids).

Naturally growing wild species, having 5 petals and sepals each are pollinated by insects. The blooms appear on such plants only for once in a year and hence are among the most precious roses.

One of the Oldest Flower Species in Existence

The evidence of the early roses growing is stated by the rose fossils in Colorado. It existed 35 million years ago.

Oldest Living Rose Plant- Rosa Canina

This is one of the most interesting attractions that fetch throngs of visitors to the Hildesheim Cathedral- the famous Catholic Church in Germany. The 1000 years old plant is 69ft high and 30ft wide.

Implicitly, rose is the ideal possession to celebrate matured relationships for this reason. 

Largest Rosebush in the World

This white Lady Banksia rosebush in Tombstone, Arizona is spread over an area of 9000sqft.

Largest Rose Garden

This private rose garden in Cavriglia, Italy has 7500+ rose variations.

Most Expensive Rose in the World

David Austin, the esteemed rose cultivator from the UK bred the most expensive rose on the planet priced 5 million dollars. Named the Sweet Juliet Rose in apricot hues, this hybrid flower was grown under intense care for over 15 years.

Most Popular Romantic Flower

Whether you are all set to offer a marriage proposal to your girlfriend, want to send anniversary gifts to a sweet couple or something special for the valentine flower delivery, the first flower gift that comes to the mind is- Roses. Every year, billions of people throng the florist shops in search of best roses on the Rose Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day and the list continues.

Today, people not only send red roses but also combination bouquets of vibrant-hued roses. The pink and peach variations of this floret are extremely trendy options especially if you are choosing them for a girl.

Rose Fruit

When left untouched for fullest maturity, the roses grow into a berry-shaped fruit called Rose Hip. Rich in Vitamin C, some selective species of Rose Hips are used for commercial preparations of marmalades, jams, and jellies. 

The Rose of Sharon in Bible

The reference of Rose of Sharon is found in the book called Song of Solomon wherein the beauty of the flower was used to describe the beloved of King Solomon.

This flower is sacred according to Christian beliefs as the Rose of Sharon was used to describe Jesus Christ in the Bible. Rose is one of the three flowers named in the Holy Bible with the other two- Camphire and Lily.

The Truth about Black Roses

You might have seen black roses at several flower shops, gardens, and other places. There are no blue or black pigments found in roses. Hence, there is nothing called the black rose. The blackish hues are actually due to the overconcentration of the red pigment on the dark red roses. The black rose is actually the dark red rose.

Rose Numerology

You will find much information on various rose colours and their significance. The count of roses given in presents also conveys symbolic messages. For instance, one rose (any colour) is given to someone to say ‘thank you’.

Wrap Up,

There are several unfolded secrets about these magical flowers of love, passion, admiration, grace, purity and warm feelings best conveyed with their respective representation hues. What are your favourite rose colour and the best secret about it? Think about it, when gazing at them in a park early morning.


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