Naxal Attack- IED Blast in Gadchiroli, 15 Jawans Killed

Gadchiroli Naxal Blasts

India had not yet overcome the trauma of Pulwama attack that it had to face another onslaught and witness killings again. Families had to lose their loved ones again and India once again has been steeped into abject misery. All the news applications that we have installed in our phones are constantly updating us about the attacks and the loses. It was only in the morning today when we had to wake up to the devastating news of the death of 15 Naxals who had to face the onslaught of the Naxals and die on the spot. It has been reported so that at least 15 security personnel and a civilian were killed in an IED explosion which was triggered by Maoists in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra on Wednesday. It is heard that the incident has taken place around the afternoon. Around 30 vehicles have been set on fire.

The police personnel belonged to C60 commando squad and were travelling in their private vehicles as has been reported by DGP Subodh Jaiswal at a conference which was held after the attack. He refused to admit that the incident has taken place on the failure of intelligence as he asserted that the state police have been on high alert already in the wake of Lok Sabha Elections.

It was incidental that the Kurkheda area had long been free from Maoist attacks. However, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured that the perpetrators of this particular onslaught would not be spare at any cost. Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has also expressed his grief over the incident.

The names of police jawans killed in the Naxal attack

It should be considered important to name the jawans we have lost in the attack. The names are Sahudas Bajirao Madav, Pramod Mahadevrao Bhoyar, Raju Narayan Gaikwad, Kishor Yeshwant Bobate, Santosh Devidas Chavhan, Sajerao Eknath Kharde, Dayanand Tamradhwaj Shahare, Bhupesh Pandurangji Walode, Arif Taushib sheikh, Yogaji Sitaram Halami, Puranshah Pratapshah Duga, Laxaman Keshav Kodape, Amrut Prabhudas Bhadade, Agraman Bakshi Rahate, Nitin Tilakchand Ghormare.

Shiv Sena has also expressed his views on this onslaught. He expressed his anguish over the Gadchiroli Naxal attack in Maharashtra. The victims were not only police personnel but also civilians. Shiv Sena is of the view that this incident is a threat to our democracy as has been reported by PTI. The spokesperson of Shiv Sena shares his view “The attack looks like a threat to democracy. It is sad to see such dastardly attack taking place on Foundation Day of Maharashtra state.”

Whereas Sanjay Raut is of the opinion that “But I think the state and union governments will jointly take action against Naxals.”

The Naxal attack is basically seen as an act of cowardice and desperation. Though the authorities in the political realm are paying respects to the ones who have been killed. The sky in India is already burning with fury and seeking some strict actions. It is not even the middle of the New Year and the country has already lost too much. Philosophies such as “violence beget violence” are not understandable to the anti-social, anti-nationals or terrorists. The root itself, the breeding is diabolic which leads to such consequences. Amit Shah, the president of BJP says “Naxalites attacked Maharashtra Police personnel in Gadchiroli. I have come to know that 16 people, including 15 security personnel were killed in an IED blast triggered by Naxals. This is an act of cowardice and desperation. I pay my respects to those who have been killed in the attack and wish quick recovery of the ones who have been injured. Our government shall extend all help.”

The Gadchiroli Naxal attack comes just days after BJP’s Dantewada Mla Bhima Mandavi was killed in the attack in Chhattisgarh. Maoists have targeted a convoy in Chhattisgarh on April 9, killing Mandavi and four others who travelling along with him.

Sharad Pawar has tweeted that the terror of the Naxals is growing in the country. They are gradually bringing crumbling down democracy. Jayant Patil, State NCP chief and former Maharashtra home minister is of the opinion that the Naxals broke out the attack on the state’s foundation day as they wanted demoralization. He affirms that the government, however, would not let this happen. The government shall not let them demoralise the state by carrying out such attacks deliberately.

The country, now, is only looking up to the government to take some stringent actions to cease attacks from happening again in the future. Freedom is the right of the residents of India and they shall not give up on it under such tyrannies.


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