Planning To Commute By Motorcycle: Read This First

Not all the people are lucky enough to work from home. Most of us have to deal with daily commuting to work and back. Going to work by car or travelling by train every single day may become a bit expensive on the long run. That’s the main reason why I have decided to have my motorbike as my primary mode of transport and here is what I have learned so far.

A Top Case or Two Side Cases?

I have always liked a top case better than two side cases. One of the best upgrades to my motorbike is the 30 liters top case. I can basically put anything in there, a complete riding suit or my helmet and gloves and thing like that.

A One-Piece Riding Suit

The first time I tried a one-piece riding suite I had too many issues to continue wearing it. Although there are people who swear that they can’t imagine anything better for their motorbike traveling I still had to avoid it. Maybe it’s great for longer rides, but if you have to go to a quick ride across the town you will find it annoying having to get in and out.

At the moment the ideal combination for me is a leather jacket (when it’s not raining) and a pair of Roadcrafter pants.

Protect Your Neck

As it gets colder you will find that a balaclava or a neck gaiter will do wonders for you. It is the perfect thing to use to protect any exposed area under your chin. And the last thing you need in the world is to have your neck exposed to the cold wind.

Take Care Of Your Tires

Proper tires will do wonder for your motorbike and its performance. Make sure there is enough pressure before every journey. Try to make it a habit and check the tire pressure every week.

Can You Really Save Some Money

The money you save on fuel is generally used for maintenance. Of course this depends on the owner and the bike as well. For example a motorbike made in Japan will make these savings better but at the end it greatly depends on the way you ride your bike!

Get A Big Keychain

I stopped counting long ago how many times I have lost my bike key. Fortunately it was mostly at home or at familiar places. Getting a big keychain will probably make you notice when you drop your keys somewhere.

Listen To Your Music

Riding your motorbike and listening to your favorite music is definitely an amazing experience. It is pretty unsafe to use earbuds while you are riding your motorbike because they will make you unaware of the surrounding. So in order to listen to your favorite playlists and for better communication with all the things happening around on your journey we recommend you upgrade your motorbike with a pair of high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

Do You Really Need An Action Camera?

Although it seems cool to have an action camera like GoPro it simply isn’t worth spending a few hundred dollars unless you are a vlogger or see some crazy things happening all the time while you are travelling on your motorbike. It’s always better to save the money for something else you will find more useful, but if you really have to have one why not buying a used one?

Make Sure Your Boots Are Long Enough 

Before you buy your boots, make sure they are long enough and match how long your riding pants are. In case you have to crouch more than usual while you are riding in the rain your pants tend to go up just enough for rain to enter your boots. In this case it really doesn’t matter whether your boots are waterproof or not.

Always Have These Things With You

Although the list can be much longer we have decided to list the top three things we believe are essential here. For your everyday travelling on your motorbike make sure to have an extra pair of socks, an extra rag and a canister pump flat kit. Based on our experience you will find these three much more useful than anything else.

Am I Psychic?

Riding a motorbike can definitely boost up your situational awareness and you will quickly learn what you can expect form the others on the road. After some time you will easily predict what the guy driving a truck in front of you might do. It’s simply something that happens when you ride and you are all pumped up with adrenaline. All your senses are at their peak.

Riding In The Rain – Yes or No?

No one likes the rain and there are thousands of reasons why you should avoid riding your bike in the rain. But riding on the rain will definitely be your worst experience and at the same time you will learn something every time you do it. You have to admit, most people never learn a thing on their way to work.

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